Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mass Effect 3: Tuchanka, part 1

Yes, it's more Mass Effect 3, with real life slowing down my game speed it's a chance to do a bit of catching up - so here's another video recounting the tales of Shapard's epic journey.

Befopre that some news - there's a new Free Mass Effect DLC pack out featuring new multiplayer content. There are updates to maps and weapons and a whole new enemy - the Collectors are back!! The Collector forces Shepard battled in Mass Effect 2 are coming in force,l including monster forces such as Scions and Praetorians - there's even the chance to play as a Volus!! Can't wait, maybe in the next pack you can be a hanar or elcor!!!

As usual I'll update the War Assets

* The following are War Assets gained while stopping the Cerberus attack on Tuchanka

Krogan First Division - a unified force of Krogan troops and armoured units pulled together from various clans which are now beginning to trust each other in the face of Reaper aggression. 

Turian Blackwatch - pulled from Palaven to assist in special operations around the galaxy, the blackwatch are among the Turian's best trained special ops soldiers

More soon!

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