Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mass Effect 3: Sur'Kesh

Yes it's another video post as I carry on through my playthrough of Mass Effect 3 - but anyway I'll let the video do the talking.

As usual I'll update you on the War Assets found during and around these missions
* The following are War Assets gained on Sur'Kesh
Major Kirrahe (has support of the Special Tasks Group and will aid Shepard even with disaproval of Salarians)
* The following are War Assets gained while on Sanctum and exploring the surrounding systems
Javelin Missiles (a supply of these missiles are fitted to the cruisers defending the Crucible
Cerberus Research Data (the reaper technology Cerberus was studying again goes to the Crucible project)
Data picked up on these missions include improved Biotic Amps which go toward strengthening soldiers and adapted medi-gel which bolsters the Hanar fleet.
* The following are War Assets earned through the multpilayer missions
N7 Special Ops soldiers (the N7 is an unofficial title but these soldiers have volunteered to join the war effort)
My first character Dafydd Ellis - a human Adept weilding deadly biotic powers has completed his missions and has become part of the war effort - I'll update you as and when my other characters join - you unlock characters at random through reward packs - I'm hoping for a vorcha!

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