Sunday, 29 June 2008

Doctor Who: No Spoilers, I Swear - Just a few speculations

I'm not going to wreck anything for you, I'll make that clear. Here's just a few speculative words of wisdom from an over-enthusiastic Doctor Who fan.
Lets take a trip down memory lane.
Dalek Caan calls the Doctor the "Three-fold man", now a load of forums have been saying rule of three stuff, but back in the eight Doctor era, Paul McGann, the eight Doctor splits into three Doctors when he regenerates, two of which pop off into alternate universes. However i'm not sure if this is Canon or not, I'll follow this up with a review of Lance Parkin's books. It could also mean we get to see three different incarnations of the doctor - which would be fun.
There's also the whole Rani/Romana/Donna link (notice the ring on her finger?).

I'm now going to deal with the whole continuity thing. The books and audio plays have commented on an invasion of Gallifrey, but by the armies of Grandfather Paradox, in which the Doctor destroys Gallifrey and stores the entire Matrix in his brain. He then restores Gallifrey doing some Timey Wimey stuff - but it's kind of a waste as it ust gets destroyed again.
However, i'm sure the studio would stick to the TV series, to make it understandable for new audiences.

One final thing, the whole "Most faithful companion will die", I reckon it's the companion that's been with him right from the start. Wink. Wink.

And Aled, please can we have a lighter blog scheme? The Old one looked sophisticated and Classy, a breath of fresh air. This makes my eyes hurt.


A figleaf of your imagination said...

Hi Sam, have temporarily reverted to original blog layout for you. Can you please tell me specificaly what the problem is with it, is it colour scheme, layout or something else. While the old template might be a "breath of fresh air" it doesn't exactly scream Sci-Fi blog at you so I am planning on redesigning it, hence the new header etc. I found the header worked best on black, but if that's the problem I can tweak to work on white or other b.g.

I'd also appreciate your thoughts on the header itself - I like having an actual Blogga the Hutt, but I'd appreciate your thoughts on it. Do you have my e-mail, it might be better to do this by e-mail rather than have a lengthy discussion through commenting!

Samuel Li said...

Blah, whatever
Do what you want, I personally prefer a lighter background, Just black feels a bit gloomy, but it's up to you.

A figleaf of your imagination said...

OK, I'll work it to a lighter background, am also gonna fiddle with the header a bit to add a bit more stuff and make it a bit more presentable.