Thursday, 5 June 2008

SF at the Movies - June 08

Ok well we've slipped comfortably into June so I figured this'd be a good time to tell y'all about what's coming up on UK cinema screens this June. Note that all film releases are subject to delay and my sources are by no means guaranteed as accurate. As before the titles link to the trailers at if available.

The Happening
Released 13/06/08

The latest project from director M.Night. Shyamalan (Sixth Sense, The Village) features Mark Whalberg in an adventure where an unknown cause has left millions of Americans dead, cause unknown. As always an intrepid band must get together to survive and get together to figure out just what the heck is going on. The trailer is mysterious, drawing you in without spoiling the plot. The Director and actors have produced good works before so it looks like it will be worth seeing.

The Incredible Hulk
Released 13/06/08

The second project from Marvel Studios has ignored 2003's poorly recieved Hulk and done another origins movie with new cast and production crew as well as a new story. The story will no doubt be close to the original and has already been revealed to star a Hulk baddie "Abomination" who looks very cool onscreen. The film looks very stylish and intriguing and it looks like the Marvel Studios idea is going to work out and be succesful for the future. With Iron Man rumoured to have a cameo, Avengers referred to in Iron Man and a host of new films coming out referred to by Sam it looks like Marvel are keen on building up a continuity and maybe a crossover film will be in the works before we know it.

Released 25/06/08

I don't know exactly if this qualifies as Science-Fiction and I honestly don't know much about it but I'm including it just in case and partly because I'm sure there's more coming out but I can't seem to find any of it. The film centres around a group of assasins who have control over weapons that no one else does, able to curve bullets to their targets. The group take orders an assignment from one place only...fate itself. OK no robots or laser guns, but intriguing enough to put here I think.

And that wraps it up it would seem, I'd hoped for more, but there's one or two more non-SF releases out too and with Batman out next month and Star Wars coming back into cinemas (expect a post in the very near future!!!) it won't be dissapointing at the Silver screen for a little while yet!

Also this is a momentous occasion as this blog has now crossed the 100 post mark!!!


Samuel Li said...

Hulk isn't actually a complete re-hash, it does continue from the first one, it just doesn't mention it.
It is sort of a re-boot, but the story is set some time after he's become the big green meanie.

A figleaf of your imagination said...

I stand corrected