Sunday, 22 June 2008

Review:The Incredible Hulk

It was very good, even by non comic book film standards. The thing is it resembles a comic book, story telling wise.
I was wrong, it is a complete rehash, and I'm glad it is.
I was expecting a mad action movie, losing the emotional background the first Hulk had, but it was wrong. There was a shed-load of action this time around, but the human side of things was explored very well. I think it's winning aspect was the fact that it split the Hulk and Bruce Banner into two completely different entities, as opposed to exploring the relationship between the two in the first.
This means the Banner character is free to evoke our sympathy (begging on the streets of Brazil) and searching for a cure, while the Hulk can just smash stuff.
It's also a lot more gritty and realistic, the army act like the army, and there is that "real world" feel that Iron Man also shares.
I also enjoyed the moments of comedy and realism, for example the bit where Banner requests extra stretchy pants.
The Leader's origin was begun in this, though he's a potentially rubbish villan. I hope they do him right. The Abomination was done very well, and the fact that he didn't die opens up some interesting possiblities.
Irom Man's appearance and the mention of "Weapon Plus" (Wolverine) and Cap. America sets the scene for The Avengers (hopefully in 2011). Hulk-Buster Iron Man, Pleeeease.
Anyhoo, go see it. I hope all MArvel's independant films are as good as this and Iron Man.
Next up in the Marvelverse: X-Men Origins : Wolverine (Rumour has it that when spotted filming a Normandy landings scene in Austrailia for said film, a star spangled sheild was spotted...These cameos are becoming increasingly common)
See ya!

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