Saturday, 16 January 2010

Halo for Haiti

We've all heard about the terrible disaster facing Haiti and my thoughts and prayers do go out to the people of that land. I saw on the news that aid from the US and other nations has made it to the country, but the logistics of getting that through when there are few roads or airports left in working condition and looting and rioting a very real danger.

Sustaining this operation will need money and both governments and aid agencies are crying out for support at this time. There are many ways to help and many areas of the community are finding ways to help. Now Halo is joining the fight!

Bungie - the developer behind Halo is raising money for the cause and appealing to the gamers for help. The first way to help is by buying a special T-shirt.

The limited edition shirt features the icon of the Superintendent AI from ODST, in red and blue to represent the Haitian flag, and the appropriate slogan 'Be a Hero'. The back notifies people about Bungie's efforts in this case and will serve as a reminder of your help in this our of need. 100% of the profits on this shirt will go to Haiti through the American Red Cross. If this one doesn't take your fancy then Bungie are also donating profits from other items in their store to the Red Cross.

I'm seriously considering getting this shirt, but if you're even more tightfisted than me there is a way to raise money which won't cost you a thing - play Halo!! Over Wednesday and Thursday this week Bungie will donate money to the cause for every thousand players they get online. All you have to do is log on, play and change your logo to a red heart on a white circle and your playtime will be registered.

For more details read here.

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