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Star Wars Legacy: Tatooine + Imperial Pilots

I'm still quite far behind, but this is a four issue arc so it should let me catch up a bit, plus the present storyline is a four parter, which gives me a bit of breathing room to get these posts done. My delving into Imperial personnel lets me make one...


Nieve Gromia
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: Moff, Arkanis Sector
First Appearance: Legacy #37 (Tatooine, part 1)

Gromia was once a high flyer on Coruscant until corruption charges tainted her reputation. She evaded charges, but was placed on Tatooine as Moff of the Arkanis sector. Feeling betrayed she quickly set herself up by making deals with the local Black Sun Vigo, allowing him to pilfer Imperial goods for a cut of the profit. She earned enough to turn her appartment into a luxury suite filled with rare and expensive items and was doing well until someone started stealing from Black Sun...

Story Review

On the Triellus trade route Black Sun are raiding an Imperial vessel when they too are attacked. Cade and his crew take out the pirates, assist the Imperials then take the cargo for themselves and a maneuvre they had come to use after fleeing the events of Kiffex. The latest report on the raids goes to Courscant where Nyna Calixte dispatches Morrigan Corde (herself) and Gunn Yage (her daughter) to investigate the problem. This disturbs Gromia, who contacts the Vigo, who dispatches his best assassin's to deal with the problem.
Meanwhile Cade and his crew are stranded on Tatooine because of a broken part and their fence won't pay up because of the heat from Black Sun, which has also caused their informant, Naxy Screeger, to flee Black Sun, ending their scam. They use a tested con where Blue poses as an Imperial Missionary to obtain the part, and while she does so Cade and Jariah content themselves in a local cantina. While Jariah is distracted by a local Twi'lek beauty Cade is captured by Gunn Yage, who takes him away to arrest him. One the way back to base they are attacked by the assassin's and caught in a sandstorm, forcing them to make an uneasy alliance to escape.
Led by a force vision Cade arrives at the Lars homestead where Luke grew up. While there in a vision Luke speaks to him showing the danger of his dark path. Jariah and Morrigan arrive there in time to battle the assassins, and the group emerge victorious. Cade confronts his mother about her loyalties to the Empire, though she states that she tuly loved Cade's father and he loved her. While there she assassinates the Vigo, which angers Cade who flies into a dark rage, nearly killing Morrigan, he admits that he doesn't want to be that way before departing.
Back on Tatooine Deliah secures that part fo the Mynock and reunites with her crew, ready to head somewhere new. And on Coruscant Darth Wyyrlok announces changes to the merciful Imperial Mission, making them preachers of Sith code and makes Veed Regent of the Empire while Darth Krayt 'recovers from his injuries'.
Finally Gunn tracks down renegade Moff Gromia, and after a struggle Gromia kills herself rather then be arrested, with her final words she reveals Morrigan Corde's secret to Gunn, asking her to destroy her.

My Two Credits

This is one of the least favourite arcs among fans, though I quite liked it myself. The storyline moves mostly through the character dialogue rather than the brief action scenes which made it less satisfying visually when dragged over a four month period. Nevertheless there were some great moments in there, Cade confronting his sister about the annihlination of the Jedi, done by her father and hearing his mother's perspective on the massacre and other events made great reading even if it wasn't the best arc so far.


This is my new thing, and allows me to be slightly creative rather then regurgitating Wookiepedia content, this is a mapt showing the locations featured in the story. So you know, Kaer is the location of the Vigo's base, and Mon Gazza is mentioned by Cade

Imperial Fighter Pilots

This is making for quite a long post, but since on of them appears in this arc I'll let you know about the Imperial fighter pilots that appear in Legacy flying the new 'Predator' fighter - don't worry there aren't many.

Gunn Yage

Species: Human
Position: Captain (Skull Squadron)
First Appearance: Legacy #14 (Claws of the Dragon, part 1)

'Gunner' Yage is the daughter of Moffs Ranulf Yage and Nyna Calixte. Shortly after her birth Nyna left the family and moved in with Veed, which embittered both Gunn and her father. Her father raised her like the son he always wanted, and she eventually earned his respect. She studied at the Imperial Academy, training both as a pilot and a Black Ops agent. She rose in the ranks and became captain of Skull Squadron, and elite unit tasked with protecting Coruscant as well as undertaking special missions. She failed to capture Cade when he returned to invade the Sith temple and so felt she had a score to settle with him. She finally captured him on Tatooine, but also discovered that his mother was also her mother, making him her half-brother - what she will do with this information we have yet to see.

Jae Akura
Species: Human
Position: Pilot (Skull Squadron)
First Appearance: Legacy #14 (Claws of the Dragon, part 1)

A loyal member of Skull squadron and devoted to his captain. A lively member of the group he was known for trading jokes and insults with squadron members during battles - he is also the ladies man of the group, known for his frequent changes of girlfriend.

The other two member, depicted on the far left and right are Tev 'Crasher' Rimon and Brodie 'Cannon' Coburn. They are also loyal members and will stick up for their captain even against a Moff. Rimon, is known for his frequent crashes and Brodie is a keen partygoer. We haven't much other info at the moment.

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