Thursday, 7 January 2010

Stuff: Transformers 2

Another of my blog posts looking at the cool things that appear in Sci-Fi movies and the like. This time Transformers 2, which was one of the most enjoyable films of last year. The movie saw autobots now working alongside humans in a special operations unit and an ancient menace that threatened all of planet Earth

That and a ton of new 'Non-Biological Entities' so let's have a look at 'em.

The Fallen

The titular villain. I'm not an 'of old' Transformers fan so this character was new to me as were pretty much any of the characters not in the first movie. The Fallen is a 'Prime' like Optimus, though much older and more powerful. He also has far greater abilities such as teleportation and gravity manipulation. He was also apparently Megatron's master and after resurrecting him used him to attack Optimus as he can 'only be killed by a Prime' whether that is a power thing or a Macbeth style prophecy is unclear. Nonetheless he is eventually defeated by Optimus and his plan to harvest energon from the sun, create an army of new decepticons and wipe out the human race is ended.


Another returning character I didn't know. I love the idea of a transformer sattelite, i thought it was really clever and didn't see it coming. Soundwave worked really well as a behind the scenes menace, informing Starscream of NEST's plans and directing the decepticons to land.


One of Soundwave's minions this dog like decepticon kept popping up everywhere you went, there did seems to be a lot of animal like creatures growing in the Fallen'#s lair so maybe this was one of them I don't know.


From Soundwave comes Ravage, from Ravage comes err Reedman, is that really the name for this thing? OK, anyway I loved this robot, the idea of a completely flat profile so as to be nearly undetectable was genius and a great way for them to infiltrate the base. I wasn't to keen on it's construction from tiny robots, I'd have preferred it assembling from component parts or slithering like a snake before building up, but you can't have everything I guess.


Yes there was one of the same name in the first film, but there's anly so many nasty names you can use before starting over. This was the first 'constructicon' we've seen in the movies, combining from a number of transformers to make one giant monster of a villain. Fortunately it did have a purpose and not just there for kicks, it waqs used to expose the energon harvester hidden under a pyramid, and got pretty for before being blown up by the good ol' US military!


I'm a bit confused now, apparently this one is part of Devastator, yet he also fights Sam and Bumblebee on his own, I must me mixing up the film because I'm sure those things happen at the same time. Nonetheless I did like this one with the design of the 'whippy things' on his arms intriguing and it made for a fun fight scene.


I didn't really like this one to be honest with you. While I love the fact that there are tons of new cybertronians and with variety I think the sheer number of different forms was a bit baffling and some of them for me just got annoying. The Doc was able to resurrect Megatron quite easily it seems and then interpreted information from Sam's brain leading to the final battle.


Another 'alternative form' this decepticon posed as a human to lure Sam into a position where she could extract the information from him necessary to carry out the Fallen's plan. I wasn't entirely convinced by the human skinned terminator... I mean transformer, but apprently this kind of thing already exists in transformers continuity so I guess that's ok.

Right - that was even more than I thought, I think I'll cover the Autobots in another post sometime. There were a ton of other Decepticons, some hadn't even bothered to transform, but it lead up to a big battle at the end - which the autobots won. Given that they are outnumbered, but always outclass the decepticons it's a wonder more of the enemy don't do a Jetfire and switch sides. Anyway, more from me soon - I'll leave you with som more images of the decpeticons.



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breannah said...

Ravage is actually originaly based off a cat or a panther and is a minion/drone for soundwave

Reedman- actually is asumed to be frome sound wave as well, ravage was just transport.

Soundwave- he is actually belived to have just attached to a US military satilite, because he was able to tap into the confrence.

Oh and the "animal things the fallen had in his throne room" were actually cybertronian hatchlings/babies they were trying to grow to build on there army. But they continued to die without the allspark to give them life. Oh and the reson they looked so odd was because they were shall we say in the fetus stage, still had some growing to do.

Alright well it was nice reading even tho there were a few mishaps here and there :)