Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Seventh Dimension

For UK Sci-Fi fans there is a great way to get more science fiction that you may not have thought of - via the radio!!

BBC Radio 7 hosts a daily show called 'The Seventh Dimension' which is all about Sci-Fi and fantasy. The hourly show hosts a variety of content, from readings to dramatisations to full on Sci-Fi audio dramas.

I really enjoyed 'Earthsearch' an audio drama set in the far future when humanity is exploring the stars and looking for new colonies. One ship returns to Earth after a disastrous mission and find that due to time spend in stasis and time dilation that a million years have past - and worse still the Earth is missing!!! The full series with it's sequel and prequel were broadcast and made for great listening.

These have also been readings of stories by great authors - most recently a set of short stories by Robert Heinlein (of Starship Troopers fame) and other works by authors such as Ursula Le Guin and J.G. Ballard.

Worth trying as an alternative way of getting your sci-fi fix!

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