Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Birth of a Spartan

Halo are continuing to release innovative content and another has appeared.

Birth of a Spartan is a live action trailer in the tradition of 'Landfall' a superb short by Neil Blomkamp, who was set to do a Halo movie, now of District 9 fame. More recently 'We are ODST' gave us a brief overview of the life of an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper before we got to experience it in-game.

This installment goes over the recruitment and augmentation of a Spartan-3, the new super-soldiers you'll be playing in the game, moreover this one gives you some background on Carter A-259 the leader of 'Noble Team'

For those likely to buy the game, new editions have been announced - a limited edition including a copy of 'Halsey's Diary' and other Halo artifacts and some in-game armour, or a Legendary edition which has some bonus content and a statue of the Noble Team.

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