Friday, 23 April 2010

SF at the Movies - April '10

Ok, it's time for another look at what Sci-Fi goodness may be gracing our screens this month. As this is inevitable a shorter and less involved post I may take the liberty of telling you a few things.

First the shock news that Star Wars: Legacy is finishing!!! You may be relieved after the saturation of Legacy posts you've has recently, but it really is terrible to see the series go. Now we were frequently assured that it would not end and there is some matter of new leaking before it should, but the series 'as we know it' is ending with the 50th issue. I'm sad at what might happen, but also a little excited to see where they might take the era next - I'll update you when I know.

Secondly you may have noticed something new on the blog - 'Blogga's Wall' is a new way for me to share information with you. As of posting it features a Dr Who poster, these are put on the website to print following each episode so I thought I'd put them on the 'wall' here instead. After the show it will be used as a way to show you what's going on, what books I'm reading, what games I'm playing, movies I've watched without having to post about them all, which might get tedious.

OK, quickly onto movies...

Repo Men
Released 16/04/10

Repo Men is set in a future when organ harvesting is now common. It follows the story of a man, who took out a new heart on a loan and now has to avoid the futuristic 'repo men' who want it back.

And that, it seems, is it - there's some movie called Nephilim supposedly out but I can't see anything about it - of well, more next month!