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Star Wars Legacy: Divided Loyalties

Ok, you're going to be saturated with Legacy now with another post coming up soon, but then we'll be up to date and I'll only post when arcs are complete, with maybe the odd character post dotted in between.

Let's do this, you'll be thankful there's no additional character post, that's 'cause there's a stack of updates right here!

Jedi Updates

This issue introduced us to four new Jedi. I think from now on I'll only include 'Homeworld' if it's known.

Te Corso
Species: Elomin
Sex: Female
Position: Jedi Master
First Appearance: Legacy#42 (Divided Loyalties)

Te Corso is a Jedi Master now residing in the Hidden Temple on Taivas, before the war she led diplomatic envoys to Coruscant and was well known to the Triumvirate ruling the Galactic Alliance. After the rumours of Darth Krayt's death she lead a team of Jedi to discuss an alliance with Gar Stazi's fleet and then led their fighter pilots into battle.

Asaak Dan
Species: Togruta
Sex: Male
Position: Jedi Master
First Appearance: Legacy#42 (Divided Loyalties)

Assak Dan was an accomplished fighter who escaped the Jedi massacre and found his way to the hidden temple. He joined the task force sent to the Galactic Alliance fleet, and was intrigued by Imperial Knight Sigel Dare, probing her with his humour. He joined the Mon Calamari Rangers on Dac after visiting the planet.

Species: Nikto
Sex: Male
Position: Jedi Master
First Appearance: Legacy#42 (Divided Loyalties)

Drok was on the task force to the GA fleet. While there he rooted out and attacked a traitor to the fleet, then joined Te Corse and the Alliance starfighters in space combat.

Sayar Dun'La
Species: Bothan
Sex: Male
Position: Jedi Master
First Appearance: Legacy#42 (Divided Loyalties)

Dun'La joined the Jedi Task force to the GA Fleet. While there his skills as a Jedi Healer were put to quick use in the ensuing battle and his powers proved invaluable to the fleet.

Imperial Navy Updates

You thought it was over didn't you?!

Krion Grail
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Position: Admiral (First Coruscant Task Force)
First Appearance: Legacy#42 (Dividied Loyalties)

Grail was an ambitious commander in charge. Leading the small but powerful task force fleet he had already become and Admiral and had his sights set on the Grand Admiral position. He believed in advanced planning to anticipate the moves of the enemy so that they do what you want them to and boasted of this to Shantileen, his second in command.

Issue Review

This was a tense and powerful issue that covered a lot of ground. We see the first proactive steps of the Jedi as they meet with the Galactic Alliance. At the same time Sigel Dare takes a shuttle from the ship to Dac to retrieve master Sinde, Asaak Dan accompanies her. She fights her master when he refuses to leave and master Dan joins the fight, separating then and offering to take the Imperial Knight's place and freeing him up to return to the Emperor.

Meanwhile the fleet is under attack, a helmsman, coerced by the Empire, shoots Admiral Stazi and leads the Imperial Task force to the fleet's location. With Stazi injured, his second in command must take the helm. Relentlessly pursued by the Imperials, they eventually work out how they are being tracked and turn the trap on their enemies. The traitor is executed, but forgiven, by Admiral Stazi.

My Two Credits

This issue had a very 'Battlestar Galactica' feel to it, with the fleet being desperately tracked across space. The action was fast-paced and covered a lot of ground, but somehow didn't lose me along the way and there were some great fanboy moments with the return of the Jedi and their 'twintail' fighters.

The resolution was moving and realistic, with Stazi understanding how the Imperials had threatened his officer's family. His line of 'forgiven, but not excused' was a moving end to the piece.


I'd already done a map, shortly after the issue came out - you can see it here if you want.

And that's it! Hope you liked it 'cause there's more o' that headed your way.

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