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Star Wars Legacy: Monster (43-46)

Last Legacy post for a while now honest!! This four part arc brings us up to date, more or less, with current Legacy storylines, making these 'reviews' slightly less farcical than they already are. With this being the case it is worth asking you, the readers whether you appreciate this as there are significant spoilers in this post if you have yet to receive your latest issue. I guess for me it's my pleasure to fill you in on what's happening in Star Wars and to encourage you to maybe try this series out yourself - but if this style doesn't suit you let me know.

There's a fair few updates here so no extra post on the end ok!!

Imperial Knight Updates

Hogrum Chalk
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Position: Master Armourer
First Appearance: Legacy# 43 (Monster, part 1)

Master Chalk was grievously injured sometime during his service to the Empire, forcing him to retire from the Imperial Knights. He, however believed the force had a purpose in his accident and devoted his time to building better armour, including life preserving suits. He upgraded the suit Azlyn Rae was given using these skills. He had been responsible for delaing with Jedi before the war and was brought along by Emperor Fel to their meeting with Jedi.

We also saw Azlyn in her improved armour, which is very similar to Knight armour. We also
saw a few anonymous Knights later in the battle.

Jedi Updates

Species: Human
Sex: Female
Position: Jedi Knight
First Appearance: Legacy#45 (Monster, part 3)

Hira was part of the delegation sent to meet with the Imperial Knights. She struggled with the idea of allying with the Emperor who was on the throne when the Sith massacred the Jedi. She later fought the Sith and was struck down in the battle.

Fionah Ti
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Position: Scientist
First Appearance: Legacy#44 (Monster, part 2)

Fionah Ti is the daughter of two Jedi, but she does not possess their force abilities. Nonetheless she was raised among the Jedi and trained by both them and the Yuuzhan Vong. She was with her parents of Zonama Sekot, the living planet which housed the majority of the Vong. She returned to Wayland to investigate the source of the Sith plague that mutated their creations. She was able to return some Vong growth to normal, including an amphistaff. She rescued Jariah Syn from the mutated natives and worked with him to help Cade.

Sith Updates

Darth Rauder
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Position: Starfighter Pilot
First Appearance: Legacy#45 (Monster, part 3)

Darth Rauder led a contingent of Sith fighter pilots to head up the Imperial strike force. Adept at piloting a sith Fury-class, she also brought a new Imperial starfighter for the Empire to fly. She was brutal in her methods, threatening death for disobedience and ordering her pilots to kill ejecting enemy combatants.

We also got to see some more of the One Sith's fighter wing.


I'm moving the map up the post as it looks a bit odd on the end without additional updates- this is my one positive contribution to Star Wars!

Issue Review

Wolf Sazen remembers the Jedi project on Wayland, how Yuuzhan Vong skill restored the world their species had destroyed. Yet weeks later the work had horribly mutated by Sith sabotage. Following the force, he headed to Wayland to find his former apprentice.

Cade, however, was on Zeltros enjoying the party in Queen Jool's latest cantina. The party was interrupted by Rav, his former boss, who offered him a job worth a million credits. He warily accepted, then regretted it after finding out it was on Wayland. On arrival they were set upon by Vong creatures and the mutated natives who defeated them and captured Blue. Cade tracks Blue down to fin this was a plot by Darth Maladi designed to test a weapon that will help her gain control of the Sith from Wyyrlok who she suspects of lying. She has placed the weapon on Blue to test whether his dark side powers can defeat it.

Wolf Sazen arrives on Wayland, meeting up with Jariah Syn and Fionah Ti, together they infiltrate the Vong laboratory that Maladi has set up with the help of Zenoq Quah a crazed shaper. They defeat the Yuuzhan Vong weapons within and reach Cade - Maladi flees. Wolf convinces Cade of the power of the light and he, fueled by his love for Blue, defeats the weapon and saves Blue. He has accepted his place in the force, not a Jedi but a weapon to be used against the Sith.

Meanwhile and alliance between Jedi and Imperial Knights is taking place on Agamar. The Sith have learned of this and send a strike force to the planet. The two groups agree to cooperate, but are surprised by an unexpected visitor, Nyna Calixte who has broken away to warn Emperor Fel of the impending attack. The Jedi and Imperials battle the Sith but suffer losses and some of the party, including princess Sia Fel are stranded on the world.

In a shock twist at the end, Nihl advised by Maladi that Krayt is dead, enters the Dark Lord's stasis chamber with Darth Talon and discovers the Dark Lord is...gone!!!

My Two Credits

One of the best story arcs since the beginning, it really moved things forward with Cade's development and also with the galaxy as a whole. The enemies of the Sith are more united, but their unity came at a cost to them as they lost forces during the battle. The only problem I had was the somewhat unclear nature of 'the weapon' that Maladi developed, what it actually did was never really revealed. But on the whole it really pushed things forward, gave us some great new characters and events for the ones we know and love.

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