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Stuff: Star Wars The Old Republic - Threat of Peace

Threat of Peace is a recent comic arc set in the old Republic era. For the few of you not in the know it is set in the era that will soon be defined by the new Video Game The Old Republic (TOR). Linked to the famous Knights of the Old Republic, this new game takes the action to a large scale, being a Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

The game is set a few centuries after it's predecessors, but still well over 3000 years before the original trilogy. In this era the Sith have returned in huge force, crushing the Republic and forcing a truce on them. With masses of territory under Sith control the Galaxy lives in an uneasy peace and a tense cold war is fought between the two factions.

This first comic arc (another 'Blood of the Empire' is currently underway) takes place at the start of this treaty. The Sith and the Republic have been locked in battle for years and suddenly the Sith send a delegation to Alderaan to meet with a Jedi diplomatic team. However this is a ruse and the Sith arrive and invade Coruscant (as seen in the famous 'Deceived' trailer.

The hastily assembled truce is tested to the limit as troopers refuse to abandon their posts and terrorist attacks go on throughout the republic. Only a few Jedi, stranded far beyond the Republic have a clue as to what is going on but both they and the Sith have to act quickly to find out who is responsible to have any chance at peace. The Jedi find it is one of them, a Jedi master thought dead that is responsible and they must turn their backs on her to save the peace.

So let's have a look at what's new (or old!) eh?

New Jedi

Species: Togruta
Sex: Female
Position: Jedi Master

Dar'Nala was a senior Jedi Master sent as part of the Jedi negotiating team to Alderaan. Shortly after the Sith-enforced peace she and her apprentice were captured by a Sith vessel, she enabled her apprentice to escape and also a bounty hunter who she sent with news to Corsucant. She was tortured by the Sith and believed by most to be dead. After she escaped she began to sabotage the peace process, striking at Imperial targets and turning the Sith against each other. After she was found out she was killed in a confrontation, ending the threat.

Orgus Din
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Position: Jedi Master

Orgus Din was a Jedi active in front line duty and had just returned to report on his activities when the Sith attacked, he engaged the Sith as they arrived and searched for survivors in the Jedi temple. After regrouping with survivors and fighting of Sith forces he was sent to Balmorra where his Padawan was halting the peace process. He stayed to help the evacuation then moved on to Dantooine where the crisis was eventually resolved.

Satele Shan
Species: human
Sex: Female
Position: Padawan (will become Grand Master)

We meet Satele in her early days here, in the game (and in the prequel novel Fatal Alliance) she is Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Here she is an impetuous apprentice who talks with her lightsaber when she realizes the Sith's betrayal. While not eager to give up the fight she did recognize the need for peace and ultimately turned her back on her former master, shaping her into the great Jedi she would become.

Species: Kel Dor
Sex: Male
Position: Grand Master

Zym was Grand Master of the Jedi Order at the time of the Treaty of Coruscant, after hearing of the Sith betrayal he urged for peace, acknowledging that the Republic had little choice and that it was better to save lives than retaliate in haste. Zym was called to a meeting with a republic military officer and the bounty hunter who had Dar'Nala's warning, however the hunter had a grudge against the officer and killed her and when Zym retaliated he too was killed, leaving the message undelivered.

Fortris Gall
Species: Miralian
Sex: Male
Position: Jedi Knight

Fortris trained under master Orgus and so his former master was called when he refused to retreat from the front lines on Balmorra, believing the truce to be a lie. He was ordered to go to Dantooine to quell the fighting there, but quickly got involved in the battle as things escalated. It was only when he saw the damage done by Dar'Nala that he joined the other Jedi in establishing peace.

Phew - that's a lot of Jedi there, but who knows you may be glad to know them when you bump into them in game, thankfully there aren't as many...

New Sith

Darth Baras
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Position: Sith Lord

Lord Baras was key in creating the treaty of Coruscant and getting the Republic to agree to it's terms. Unlike other Sith he was keen for the opportunity to create peace, he was also distinct in that he didn't do so to gain power, in fact he refused a promotion, content to serve well in his position. He came into conflict with Darth Angral who wanted to destroy the Jedi, and later when he was blamed for sabotaging the treaty, but when he saw the truth he brought Angral to his side and confronted the Jedi.

Darth Angral
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Position: Sith Lord

Angral lead part of the assault on Coruscant city while others atacked the temple. After landing he dueled Orgus Din, but a crashing ship seperated them. He went on to kill the Republic Chancellor and wanted to kill all the Jedi, but was stopped when the negotiations were completed. He was angry with Lord Baras, but temporarily came to his aid to stop Dar'Nala before finally parting to go his own way.

I'll try and be quick, next up are


Oppresor-class Battle Cruiser

A Sith star destroyer used in the invasion of Coruscant and later by the Sith Lords leading their forces to Dantooine and other worlds. Typical star destroyer shape with the bulky, squared off design featured commonly by Sith in this era.

Fury-class Transport

A long-range fighter employed by the Sith and carried on their warships. They were used as both transports and aggressive fighter craft. One was used by Braden to escape Sith custody.


Envoy was a republic transport used by the Jedi to travel to the front lines after the Treaty of Coruscant, it was attacked by the Sith and only Satele Shan escaped.

And last of all...


I like doing these - there are far to many comings and goings for me to do my usual arrows, so I'll just mark all the planets mentioned in this arc.

Whooo! That was longer than expected, anyway, hope it was of use. I enjoyed Threat of Peace and I look forward to visiting some of the location and maybe some of the characters in the upcoming game.

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