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Blogga's Halo Reach Diary - 6/11/10

Ok so it didn't turn out to be the weekly thing I'd envisioned but oh well, I'm gonna press on with this bas boy as best I can. I have actually finished the campaign now, but there would be far too much detail to cram all that into one post so I'll go one level at a time and keep you updated on my progress.

This post contains spoilers for the level 'Exodus'


Well I thought hard about this mission - you are stranded from your team after falling back into Reach orbit, you battle on your own through a city, trying to find your next objective - there was only one option: ODST. There are a few pieces of ODST armour available, the distinctive helmet and also chest piece made the gear clearly ODST. I wasn't able to get the shoulders, but there are plenty of Air Assault and Paratrooper pieces that make the grade - I even splashed out on some knees - the system is great for making me buy stuff I wouldn't bother with. To top it off there was something I wouldn't have considered, changing my visor colour to ODST silver.

New Stuff

There were a few new-look things in this level, improved by Reach's better graphics, including new ODSTs (making my armor choice even better) and new Brutes (below)

This level gives me the opportunity to talk about some of the equipment you get in this game as it is essential to the mission, first off...

Reentry Pack

This bulky backpack is what allows Noble-Six to drop to Reach's surface without dying, much in the way Master Chief did in Halo 3. At the start of the level Noble-Six gets up and retrieves this pack, getting a pistol from it - but that's not the only thing he straps to his back...


The ODSTs you link up with are Jetpack specialists who nimbly maneuver around a skyscraper contruction site. The Jetpack is one of many armour abilities found in the game and a favourite among fans. It's application is fairly obvious; it allows you to jump high and fly short distances. Experienced users will know to save a little power to break large falls and use quick bursts to extend jumps just enough.

Evacuation Ship

It was great to see some new Human ships as well as Covenant ones, while the Campaign has been awesome for giving us a close look at Frigates in combat we haven't had any new ships, but we did get some civilian transports as Noble Six aided in the evacuation of New Alexandria, much like the evacuation of Arcadia in Halo Wars.


This was a hard mission, though not incredibly long. As Noble six moves through the city he finds forces engaged in terrorizing civilians. First there are squads of suicide grunts and next there are Brutes savagely attacking noncombatants. The Spartan joins the Army force in pushing them back and they fight to secure an evacuation point for the civilians. This is made difficult by a covenant Corvette pounding the city at close range. With the assistance of some ODST a landing pas is briefly secured allowing civilians to get away from the bombardment. The team then move out of the city to cover evacuation ships getting civilians off-planet. Noble Six fights his way to activate a missile battery that critically damages the Corvette, saving many lives as they get off-planet.

After the mission is complete, Noble Team find their missing member and he is reunited with the group in the city.

I'll leave it there - more soon though!

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