Friday, 19 November 2010

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 31

Ok so The Sarah Jane Adventures has wrapped up here in the UK. I've really enjoyed this series, it's felt more consitent and while it still has the cheesy intro on the whole it's felt a bit more grown up and realistic while still suitable for a kid's show.

Anyway - Monsters!!


These are puppets and no mistaking!! To the jaded eye they were clearly fake, large creations of some lab and what's more they were unmistakably modeled on vultures while preying on the apparently dead Doctor - hmmm. But you know what, they kind of worked! Quirky special effects have always been part of the charm of Who, with 'spot the bubble wrap' being a favourite game of mine when watching classic series - but the point is when the characters react to them you believe them and so yeah, bar the odd moment, I was convinced. Plus it was nice to see Matt Smith's Doctor so that kept me distracted!!

The Shansheeth are a large avian race capable of standing vertically on two legs in a vaguely humanoid fashion. While imposingly tall, and possessing sharp beaks they are nonetheless a calming presence for those they meet. This is due to a well practiced etiquette required for the duty of choice for many outgoing Shansheeth. The Shansheeth dedicate entire fleets to searching out the dead, especially the heroic dead, and giving them a proper burial. Recently one group went Rogue and attempted to steal a time-machine in order to prevent the deaths they undertake.

That's kind of it, there was another race explored in the following episode, but they weren't really seen except for one of them who was half-human, but they did send some pretty cool robots to go stomping round looking for the boy Gavin, who turned out to be next in line to the throne.

More Soon!

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