Monday, 6 December 2010

Doctor Who - New series, new species part 32

Well this concludes the new species look of the new Sarah Jane Adventures series. And I'm afraid I have to start with an apology - I missed a species out - terrible I know, anyway I'll rectify that right now with a species missed from 'Death of the Doctor'.


Another of Who's famous 'make a species a different colour, give them a different defining characteristic and a very similar name and see if we can get away with it' species. Normally I'd be incensed by this cheap paint job, but apparently it seems I didn't even notice. The Groske character was quite amusing to be fair and to see them working for UNIT as part of a deal gave their backstory a bit of flavour.

Close relations of the Graske species, the Groske were noticeably different in their blue skin. While just as guarded as their species cousins they were more open and positive, with one group agreeing to co-operate with humans after being stranded on Earth, aiding them in building technology. Like the Graske they had time travelling capabilities and could even smell artron energy.

The Dark Horde

Nice and ambiguous this one, easy to create a threat with some masked men with an obviously evil name. However, even fore a cameo appearance, the detail in their armour and weapons gave these minor threat aliens enough personality to make them interesting and possibly worth a return visit.

The Dark Horde were a race of beings known to have conquered whole swaths of the galaxy. They were extremely logical in their attack plans, sending scout parties to size up their enemies and retreating from any planets deemed to have forces of greater or equal strength to their battle force.


Hmm, this lady is clearly an impostor of some sort, don't let her join you Sarah Jane, she's clearly going to trick you and be some sort of alien - guess what - SHE'S AN ALIEN!! What person wouldn't have seen that coming, it would have to be...oh...I don't know...a child?!! Hmm...ok, maybe for the target audience it isn't bad! The acting was quite cool and the CGI stomach was fun, though i think there are a few too many creatures that feed on emotions this series.

The Qetesh are a mysterious race for a number of reasons. The first being that they feed on excitement and exhilaration in people's lives. The second being that they can split their being, feeding a stationary stomach through a mobile body, which can resemble a human. One such being was exiled from their race, was able to survive a long time without air or other nourishment and decided to attack Earth through Sarah Jane Smith. Her gang counter-attacked simulating a global meteor strike with technology the Qetesh possessed, this 'over-excitement' overfed the Qetesh, destroying it's stomach and the body was returned to prison.

Well that's it for this series - there may be a few things from the webcomics at the SJA site so if I can dig something good up I'll post it up with the Christmas post - which isn't too far away now!!!

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