Wednesday, 15 December 2010

London's Burning!!!

OK so it's the Video Game Awards once again, and as well as winners there are always a few sneaky peaks at what's to come. Last year the bombshells of Arkham City and The Force Unleashed II were dropped on us as well as the first full trailer for Halo: Reach. Well this year's no exception...

London is well and truly under attack in this new trailer for what's quite possibly going to be the best game of all time - do you know what it is yet?

Also, special forces are being deployed against a powerful target but who is it?

Lastly a man is trying's Prototype 2!!

Well that's it...well those are the ones I'm interested in anyway!! Not quite as many surprises as last year - but Mass Effect 3 is shocker to outweigh all shockers!!

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