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Stuff: Star Wars The Old Republic - Blood of the Empire

This comic series is set in the time of the new video game The Old Republic due out next year. This series is set before the games, during the open conflict between the Republic and the Sith, before that is eventually resolved in the uneasy truce set out in the previous comic. This also deals with the machinations of the Sith as they all scheme and plot their way to greatness.

The story is set as a powerful Sith apprentice is sent to hunt the Emperor's own apprentice, who has gone rogue and is giving information to the Jedi. As he travels he is confronted with visions of the future and of the Emperor's plans as he battles the rogue apprentice and makes way for his own ambitions.

New Jedi

Jerbhen Hulis
Species: Miraluka
Sex: Male
Position: Jedi Master

Jerbhen Hulis was a Jedi Master working with the Republic military during the war. He was well traveled, knowing exotic combat forms and his apprentice was fluent in the Abyssin language. A senior member, giving orders to the starship commanders he decided to act on the intelligence given to them by the rogue Sith Exal Kressh. However, he took his padawan to investigate the Sith by following her tracker. He caught up to the Sith, knowing it was too late to keep the secret out, persuaded him to help survivors of an accident caused by the Sith then let him go, only to lost his padawan and lose the battle anyway.

and that's it for the Jedi, but there's plenty of...

New Sith

Teneb Kel
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Position: Sith Apprentice

Teneb Kel was the Sith apprentice of Lord Calypho, he was an eager and powerful apprentice, who knew a lot about Sith Lore and combat. He finished his trials, but on completing them found his master was under arrest by the Sith. Shortly afterward he led a successful assault on Begeren along with his Abyssin servant. After proving his loyalty he was tasked with tracking down the Emperor's Apprentice, who had betrayed the Empire. He found her, but lost the battle, in seeking meditation he found her plans and also the Emperor's, guided by a mysterious figure called Darth Thanaton who guided him and warned him that he might become just a slave of the council. He tracked down Exal Kressh and killed her then used his knowledge to elevate himself to a Dark Lord, naming himself Darth Thanaton.

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Position: Sith Master

Calypho was a wise master of the dark side, who taught that visions became clearer as the seer was close to death. He trained Teneb Kel as his apprentice, but sought power that he had not earned. The council ordered his apprentice to kill him and he was defeated, though the council kept him that they might use him - keeping him close to death to gain prophecies from him.

Exal Kressh
Species: Sith-Human hybrid
Sex: Female
Position: Emperor's Apprentice

Exal Kressh was the Emperor's apprentice, a sought after position only dreamed of by most Sith. Despite this position of trust, she betrayed the Emperor, giving the Republic vital information to launch an attack on Sith Space. While loyal she rooted out powerful secrets and sorceries for the Emperor only for him to use them to dominate his mind, and in future, dominate the minds of thousands of his 'Children'. Angered at being treated this way she fled until hunted down and killed by Teneb Kel.

Darth Marr
Species: Unknown
Sex: Male
Position: Sith Council Member

Darth Marr was a leading member of the Sith Council. He chose Teneb Kel to be the emperor's weapon, sent against his apprentice. He had direct access the the Emperor, and lead Teneb Kel directly to him through the temple on Dromuund Kaas.

The Emperor
Species: Unknown
Sex: Male
Position: Sith Emperor

The Emperor is the mysterious figure behind the Sith, followed by many, but seen by only a select few - this comic book marks his first visual appearance. While other Sith have claimed the title Sith Lord he and his 'true Sith' stayed in seclusion, growing in power, only a few individuals, such as Revan, discovered his true identity. He is a contrast to his followers, dressed in white and radiating calm, but his plans are as malevolent and powerful as the Sith he embodies. He launched the attack that no one saw coming and quickly brought the Republic to it's knees. He now rules via his Dark Council of the most powerful Sith, but even they don't know his true goals, such as his plan to imbue children with his essence, creating a generation that are slaves to his will. Teneb Kel used his knowledge of this, knowledge the council didn't have to elevate himself - though ultimately what the Emperor plans is known only to him. He is a master strategist, and incredibly powerful, having lived at least 1000 years by his own strength.

other Sith are seen and not named, or name and not seen so I'll leave that!!


Thranta - class Corvette

A Republic ship, similar in style to the Hammerhead ships from KotoR. The Jedi who recieved Exal Kressh's data were aboard one of these ships as they set their plan in motion.

Sith Battle- Cruiser

A main battle cruiser used by the Sith, a number of these were stationed near Korriban and wer attacked by a Republic fleet.

Republic Capital Ship

An intriguing and original design for the Republic's main battle cruiser, refreshing after seeing so many 'Hammerhead' type vessels. These ships were in the fleet that attacked Korriban.

And of course there's a...


I've tried to make it as comprehensible as possible, but it's a bit tricky when a lot of the planets are close together!!

And that's it, there's meant to be another ToR series out soon, but it hasn't been properly announced yet - plus there's also the video game - can't wait to see what the Emperor's really planning.

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