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Doctor Who - New series, new species part 34

And before you know it we've reached the series break for Doctor Who, with the series due to return in September with the intriguingly titled episode 'Let's Kill Hitler'. I won't reveal too much plot in case some overseas readers are um...reading but yeah, what was I saying - oh right there are some new aliens. As ever if you want more general opinion on the shows please visit the Impossible Podcasts on the sidebar for amusing and informative discussion.


Strictly speaking not a new species, but an event worthy of note nonetheless. It was really fascinating to see the TARDIS come to life in such a remarkable way, brought truly to life by the penmanship of Neil Gaiman. The dynamic between her and the Doctor was brilliant as she got to reveal her side of their long story, such as the fact that she 'stole' the Doctor, as opposed to him stealing the TARDIS, which is how he always saw it. It gives you much more appreciation for the magic blue box we see week by week.

Somehow, by the malevolence of the being known as 'House'. The living being of the TARDIS was seperated from the construct it usually inhabits and put into the body of a young girl named Idris. The TARDIS quickly adjusted to life in her new form, but knew that her energy was consuming the body she inhabited. While House had intended to seperate her in order to use the TARDIS for himself, the human TARDIS paired with the Doctor chased and defeated him.


Ooh, just thought - wouldn't it have been great if they got Hugh Laurie to play the part of this character!! Anyway Michael Sheen did a great job as this monster who we don't know much about other than it lives in a bubble universe, kills time lords and generally appears as a green gassy thing. But he had a cool creepy voice and that made him great!

House was a mysterious entity existing outside the known universe in a 'bubble' accessible through a space-time rift. An energy being he was able to possess physical constructs, such as the asteroid where his servants made their home - earning the name 'House'. He fed on artron energy and lured Time Lords to his world and sonsumed them and their TARDISes. He was killed when he possessed the TARDIS of the Doctor, and hunted down by the Doctor who returned the matrix of his TARDIS to the control centre, eradicating House's presence once and for all.

The Flesh

I was intrigued to see where this one went with 'gangers' of people and I'm still not entirely sure if I liked it or not. I'm never particularly convinced when clones or copies of people gain the memories and personalities of their creators - it's normally rushed over by supplanting some device as able to give 'memory imprints' or worse it is just taken as part of the cloning process. Now the idea of it being a freak accident kinda works in this episode and the dramatic tension of two sets of people with the same memories competing for who is 'real' - especially when you throw a copy of the Doctor into the mix was good fun!

The Flesh was an artificial living construct made by humans for a number of purposes, one of which was to create 'gangers' copies of humans that could be used to inhabit dangerous habitats without damaging their controllers. Unbeknownst to the humans the flesh had some degree of sentience and learned about humans as they used it more and more. In several freak incidents Flesh 'gangers' became disconnected from their handlers and retained their personalities and memeries, often fighting for the life they believed they had.

Headless Monks

Again not necessarily a new species but definitely different - I wasn't overly impressed with these headless Jedi, I think far more could have been made of them. The headless concept could have worked really well - an enemy whom the Doctor can't talk to or reason with, instead it's just his companions who are left to gun them down.

The Headless Monks were part of the militarised Church's forces. Dedicated to service they removed their heads so that they could become pure. They also were possessed with some kind of energy that they could shoot or ignite their swords with. They were used against the Doctor but defeated by his companions.

and that's just about it - though there appeared to be a new set of cybermen on the loose too - we'll see. More in September!

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