Saturday, 18 June 2011

Stuff: The Halo Motion Comics

As part of it's exclusive range of content Halo Waypoint is showing some web comics animated by ONE Studios, adapting some of the short stories from the Halo Evolutions short story collection and bringing them to life. The Current story The Mona Lisa is mid way through it's adaptation, but seems to have been delayed because of E3 andf other things, but I've held off this post long enough, so here's an outline of the stories and some of the new stuff found within.

1) Midnight in the Heart of Midlothian

A trooper is under for an operation on cancer, now a rare condition among humans and easily treated. He wakes up to find his ship ambushed and the crew dead, only he can stop the Covenant from taking over and finding Earth. Assisted by the ship's AI he takes the fight to the Covenant single handed.

New Ship

UNSC Heart of Midlothian

Classification: Destroyer

This was our first proper glimpse of a Destroyer, we've seen some in Halo Legends and in comics, but usually only a partial view and to be honest they all look quite different so maybe there are different models or configurations, but anyway this time we got a decent look at this impressive ship.

New AI

Mo Ye

Mo Ye is a smart AI aboard the Heart of Midlothian, who takes the form of an old Chinese lady, complete with hacking cough. I put her down of note mostly because it is revealed she is bound by Asimov's laws of robotics.

Also revealed is a serum used by Insurrectionsts that gave them increased body strength and durability, designed to fight spartans, this substance eventually killed it's user.

2.) The Return

Story: One of the few pieces set after Halo 3 (just reminded me - HALO 4!!!!) it tells the story of a Sangheili shipmaster who returns to a human world he once destroyed for the Covenant, he now ponders his purpose without the Prophets to tell him what to do.

New Planets


This was a colony world easily destroyed by an Elite Shipmaster under orders of the Prophet of Conviction. Later the shipmaster returned, finding humans retaking the planet, but fighting Kig-Yar pirates over Forerunner relics hidden on the world.

The Mona Lisa

Story: The crew of a prowler sent to investigate the ruins of Halo find to their sureprise a UNSC prison ship floating in the debris field. When a marine crew is sent to board it they find rampant covenant on board, a dead crew and something far deadlier...

UNSC Red Horse

Classification: Prowler

This is the first time we've had a visual representation of a Prowler and I have to say it looks pretty cool with it's Hawk Like profile. Prowlers are stealth ships using various countermeasures to stay invisible. While equipped for combat they tend to stay out of the fight, providing valuable intel to the fleet.

UNSC Mona Lisa

Classification: Prison Ship

The Mona Lisa is a converted transport, used as a prison ship by the UNSC, which made it extremely unusual for it to be right next to Halo when found by the Red Horse. It had been repurposed by ONI to capture Covenant prisoners and study them, but got taken over when some prisoners were show to have a strange infection...

Well that's it for now - Halo Waypoint is free to all Xbox Live Gold members, Halo Evolutions is available in bookshops worldwide.

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