Friday, 10 June 2011

The Wall - May '11

OK, you should know the drill by now - here's what went on my wall in the month of May this year.

1) Desmond Miles T-Shirt

It finally arrived! I've had my Abstergo hoodie for a while and it's great to have something that fits into the Assassin's Creed Universe but it's even better to have something from the game itself that one of the characters wears! I'm eagerly awaiting the white hoodie that accompanies it, but UbiWorkshop are out to get all my money 'cause the3y've just released a black hoodie and white version of this t-shirt from the forthcoming Revelations game - can I resist?!

2) The 4400, series 4

The final series of this epic science fiction drama has been out a while, but I finally found it at a decent price, in Johannesburg of all places! (I'm British, it's far way - I mean no slur on South Africans!) I love this show's concept - 4400 people dissapear across a few decades and are returned at once with superpowers as part of a mission to change humanity's futre for the better. The producers were hoping for a fifth series but that didn't happen so the ending wasn't as satisfying as I'd hoped but it did give a lot of answers and wrapped things up as a series nicely. I like the show as it deals more with emotions and uses a minimum of special effects to ahieve great tension as superpowered individuals decide how to use their gifts.

3) Star Wars Coruscant Nights II: Street of Shadows

I'm really loving this series so far, as with the comic series Dark Times it shows the great potential for stories between the trilogies. Continuing the adventures of Jax Pavan a lone Jedi hunted by Vader and member of 'Whiplas' a resistance movement that helps smuggle dissidents in and out of Coruscant. When one such missin gets him involved in a murder case Jax is forced to solve the case himself before the police investigation uncovers his true identity. What I like about this is it deals with real life, the characters go through day to day struggles, not grand adventures and it is a great and gritty feel of life in the Dark Times. It also features Captain Typho of Naboo and Aurra Sing in what can hardly be called cameos...

That's it, more in a month!

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