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Blogga's Video Game Diary - 15/2/12

I'm making a radical move (for me!) - I'm jumping from Arkham City because it's gonna take too long to catch up with my current game playing, so if you want the lowdown on the game's characters gadgets and more - do check out the Arkham Wiki (here) for all the info - it's a great site!

Now at the moment I'm actually playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations but as you've guessed from the picture I'm gonna discuss another game - so expect a slew of Video Game posts as I try to catch up and make this diary slightly less farcical!


Well I've been playing a bit of Gears of War 3. I've been playing it with a friend who's away so don't expect regular updates on this game. We've also decided that there's only one way to play Gears, after midnight, in the dark - it makes for a better experience!! I really enjoyed playing this game - I'd forgotten how good the storytelling is in this series.


I'll give a rough overview of what takes place in Act 1 - it's far too late to worry about spoiler warnings so I'll just go for it!

It's been about two years since the last game. Locust and Lambent attacks have been reduced since the sinking of Jacinto but the COG has fallen into disarray since Chairman Prescott abandoned them for no clear reason. As the game starts Marcus and co are at sea with the bulk of the remaining armed forces. Prescott suddenly arrives, with news of Marcus's father - long thought dead by all. Suddenly the lambent attack and Marcus and Dom struggle to stop the mostrous beings atacking them until they meet up with Cole and his squad back from their shopping trip with an explosive solution...

In the second half of the act you play as Cole and his team out trading for food with the Stranded, non-military groups that hide out in camps and aren't too fond of the government. There's a touching moment as Cole goes to the thrashball stadium where he was once a star player. Then the story brings them to meet up with Marcus and co, completing the story - just great!!

New Characters

Jace Stratton

Jace joined the COG at an early age and has been a Gear since before the invasion. He's cool under fire and still has hope for humanity even after all they've been through. He's a former member of Delta Squad that has been transferred back with the dissarray of the COG. He works with Marcus and Dom to fight off the Lambent at sea.

Samantha Byrne

Sam is a tough-nut soldier who enoys wise-cracking and is almost capable of shutting up Baird's whining. She is on Cole's team on a food hunt and tries to negotiate with the Stranded, the only offer she gets is to let the group trade her for bacon...which some of the Gears almost consider!

Clayton Carmine

There's been a Carmine in every game in the trilogy, the two previoius ones have died. It was fun to see another Carmine and already the game is teasing me as to whether he makes it with several near deaths for the character in the first Act! I'm trying to stay spoiler free, but I really hope he makes it!!

And that's pretty much it - apart from the Stranded leaders and of course Adam Fenix's return, but I won't go into too much detail here. More Gears soon!

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