Saturday, 25 February 2012

Star Wars: Knight Errant - Deluge

The new series of Knight Errant is a great continuation of the series, seen in both comics and novels. This series sees Kerra Holt return to her homeworld of Aquilaris on a rescue mission, but as ever things are not so simple for the young Jedi as she tried to do some good behind enemy lines.

New Characters

New Sith

A collection of new Sith Lords appear only in hologram at this point, but hopefully we'll get to know a few more of them as we go on. Prominently seen are Arkadia (left) who featured in the novel and Odion (right) who is a key villain in the series.

Zodoh the Hutt
Species: Hutt
Sex: Hermaphrodite (male personality)
Position: Crime Lord

An unusual Hutt with a taste for personal combat, he enjoys leading his forces into battle personally whether using his jetpack and Mandalorian war axe or his specialy designed starfighter force! A major player in Hutt space Zodoh planned to use his weapons to cow the Sith into partnering with him.

Jenn Devaad
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Position: Squadron Leader

Jenn leads Devil Squadron a fighting force connected to the mercy organisation Grace Command, they cleared the way for relief and supplies to be flown in. But they also have secret plans to weaken the Sith. Jenn was formerly Zodoh's slave and has a score to settle with him too...

New Ships

A lot of cool ships in this story arc!!

Intruder-class Starfighter

These starfighters were incredibly unusualy in that they were designed to carry a Hutt into direct conflict with the enemy. As such any humanoid pilots had to work from the unusual position of lying down. The fighters came in two models a one and two-seater type fighter.


More of a weapon than a vehicle, like with Odion's Kinetic corruptors these are industrial tools converted into weapons of mass destruction! An enormous moisture vaporator, capable of absorbing all the moisture from an atmosphere and using it to flood a planet - Zodoh planned to use these to threaten the Sith into working for him!!


Zodoh's mobile command centre, from here he directs his forces and launches raids on planets of his choice. It houses a massive data centre from which he controls the Stormdrivers.

Fire-Lotus class starfighter

These are the pretty stinkin' cool starfighters used by Devil Squadron, brand new off the lines, the squadron got them ahead of the Republic Navy due to their wealthy backers. I absolutely love the design of these things, good that something in the past can look so cool!!

Mother Grace

The base ship of Grace Command, this ship delivered supplies to areas liberated by Devil Squadron's forces.



Kerra returns home to rescue her people, only to find they are stupefied by a drug called deluge and can't even help themselves. Worse still her arrival is followed by that of Zodoh, a powerful Hutt wanting to carve himself a piec of Sith territory. Kerra joins Devil Squadron and fights back against the Hutt and the Sith but discovers that the Devils are responsible for the districution of deluge in an attempt to weaken the Sith labour force. Kerra returns to save as many aquilarians as she can but the Devils are captured by Zodoh apart from Jenn who escapes, disrupting the Stormdrivers long enough to save the Aquilarians. They then take the fight to Darkknell, Daiman's capital and save that world from it's fate.

Another great story - what with Dawn of the Jedi out it seems pre-trilogy is where it's at these days!!

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