Saturday, 18 February 2012

Blogga's Video Game Diary - 18/2/12

OK so I'm carrying on with Gears of War 3 and what I came across in the first act of the game. There'll be at least one more post after this to cover everything, but it'll feel good to get it all out - it is such an exiting game!!


Well what I've been up to video game wise recently is playing the demo for Mass Effect 3. It has been amazing and I can't wait to have the full game. The Kinect gameplay was awesome, especially for controlling conversations and the storyline is awesome chucking you in with a fight against the Reapers and also introducing some old friends to the story. Recently the multiplayer option was unlocked and that is great fun to play too, very engaging - well worth checking out folks - it's going to be an incredible ride come March!

New Vehicles

Ok, back to Gears. There are always a few cool vehicle moments on the games and this one hasn't disappointed, with a nice vehicle fight scene early on in the main game - so anyway this is what was in the game at this stage - in addition to the usual King Raven choppers.

Raven's Nest-class carrier

This was a cool element to the game - the bulk of the first act takes place on this ship, with the majority of the COG's land bases being unsafe they take to the seas, but even there there is danger. It was nice to see touching elements of life at sea, such as Dom being focused on growing food as much as fighting back because 'if we don't grow it, we don't eat it.' This is an enormous carrier designed to support Raven's Nest gunships, which the Gears (includeing Cole's team) use for forrays onto land for food and supplies.


The Silverback was great fun to play, it is a powerful mech suit stored by gears as an offensive strategy, combining powerful armour with heavy guns. It was great fun stomping around in these to defend the ship from a Lambent attack.

And that's it vehicles-wise. The next post will be on new enemies, which I think will be a bit longer!!!

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