Monday, 13 February 2012

Stuff: Mass Effect - Invasion

The latest series from Mass Effect comics sets part of the scene for the upcoming game (the demo is out TOMORROW by the way!) with a battle taking place on Omega and things changing as the galaxy draws closer to the Reaper invasion.


Spoilers here. Basically since Mass Effect 2 Cerberus have set up bases past the Omega 4 Relay to study Reaper technology. They have an agreement with Aria to use Omega as a stopping-off point. When reaper mutants are unleashed on the station Cerberus move in toput them down, but they also have their sights set on Omega as well...

New Characters

Oleg Petrovsky

Petrovsky is a General working for Cerberus. When the Reaper threat arrives on the scene, his fleet is quick to follow. He works with Aria to battle the Reapers, but regrets Cerberus's treatment of her and their goals on Omega, however he does believe it is necessary to save humanity, but respects Aria and tries to find a way out of bloodshed. He is a keen student of pre-spaceflight military tactics and heroes.

New Ships


The flagship of the Cerberus fleet. A slight variation on the standard Alliance Cruiser shape - I would guess the Elbrus is a lot bigger and more powerful to boot.

Avernus Station

Constructed from an asteroid beyond the Omega 4 relay to study Reaper technology, this station was overrun by hostiles, who launched an atack on Omega from the base.

New Species


A variation on mutant Reaper technology. As with husks, reaper technology starts a DNA change mixed with technology, rapidly warping a humanoid being into an adjutant, who can quickly infect more beings. The only way to stop the infection is to remove the head of the infected being.

I should also note the Mass Effect 3 demo is OUT NOW!!! So if you want to have a go at playing as Commander Shepard you can. I had great fun playing and using the Kinect functionality was cool too!

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