Wednesday, 6 June 2012

E3: Halo Stuff

Last year saw the announcement of the return of Master Chief in Halo 4, well this year we're getting swome serious info on his journey and what he'll be facing, glimpses of new enemies, new locations and one of the driving factors behind Chief's emotional as well as physical journey in this new trilogy.

It all started with Microsofts press briefing which launched with THIS epic video clip.

The first part is either a brand new trailer or, I'm guessing, a part of the new 'Forward Unto Dawn' web series. We see the starship Infinity which clearly has a critical role to play in the game as well as some other new ship types that we'll hopefully get more info on soon or at least when the game comes out!!! There is also a new vehicle, the large one which is about the size of an Elephant but no names or info on that yet either.

Next we see Chief and Cortana battling through the jungle against some terrifying new foes, which I do have some info on.


Crawlers are a type of Forerunner AI programme that attack in packs - they seem a bit easy to kill for Forerunner tech, but then again Sentinels aren't that hard to kill I suppose and these would likely be cannon fodder used against the Flood or other opponents.

Promethean Knight

These guys are pretty terrifying, especially which their holographic skull effect thingy. My initial reaction was that they looked like something out of Bionicle (don't get me wrong I LOVE Bionicle!!) and seemes a b it strange but the more I think of the Forerunner warriors using these guys in battle the cooler they seem to me. They also carry cool Forerunner weapons which we saw disintegrate a poorly armoured Elite in one shot. Thier ability to teleport should make them interesting combatants too.

These nifty foes are deployed by the Knights but can also summon Crawlers. Their ability to catch grenades and fling them back at their owner should also make them a fun challenge.

 Unidentified Object

I have no idea what this massive thing is other than it is clearly an oponent for the Chief, by the looks of things it's what caused the Infinity to crash and from the orange glow I'd say it's what's controlling the Prometheans too - can't wait to take the fight to this guy!!

Well that's about as much as I can say for the game - don't know more than what's in the video really.

We've also had more infor on the multiplayer aspect and how it works and...well this trailer basically says it all!

Well that's it for Halo but there might be a few more E3 goodies yet to come out - stay tuned, I know I'm going to!!

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