Saturday, 9 June 2012

Star Wars: Dark Times - Out of the Wilderness

More catching up on comics now as we look at the latest story arc of Dark Times. This is a much more personal story as Jennir is stranded on a wilderness world while his friends track him, but with a rogue bounty hunter and Darth Vader on his trail there's still plenty of action in this story.

New Characters

Beyghor Sahdett 
Species: Verpine
Sex: Male
Occupation: Jedi Knight

OK well this isn't the first appearance of Sahdett, he actually appeared in the last arc but as I didn't seem to blog about that one I'd better mention him here. Sahdett actually first appeared in the final issues of Republic where we first me Dass Jennir, he was seen standing over a pile of Clone Troopers and that obviously got fans interst going and it was a nice touch to have him turn up here. After the purge he has been seraching for other Jedi and managed to find Jennir's old crew and continues his search.

Falco Sang
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Falco Sang was a bounty hunter with a reputation as being the man to hire if you want someone dead. He took a contract on Dass Jennir, eager to try himself against a Jedi but fell foul of Darth Vader who was ultimately tracking the same quarry.

New Droid Models


'Izee' was the companion of Falco Sang, an adaptable combat droid able to track a target over long distances and operate high powered weaponry. It travelled using repoulsorlifts and had two arms capable of carrying weapons.

New Vehicles


An Imperial prison station converted from a refueling facility, this station housed Janks, former member of the Uhumhele crew until he was tracked down by Falco Sang.

Falco's Ship

This nimble vessel was used by Falco Sang to inflitrate an Imperial prison as well as track down Das Jennir.



Dass  Jennir has rescued Ember Chankeli from the hands of the mob that would kill her, even though she probably deserves it!! While travelling they are intercepted and crash on the desert world of Prine home to barren wastes and cruel slavers. When Ember is captured Jennir tracks her down, unaware that he is being tracked by three parties, Falco Sang a deadly bounty hunter, Lord Vader himself and hiw former crew accompanied by a new Jedi friend - a big showdown is only inevitable!!

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