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Assassin's Creed: Bonus Content

Yes, I'm back with more about video games, but I'm afraid I can't quite let Assassin's Creed Revelations go without discussing a few added extras which came at the end and the news and advances they brought.

The Lost Archive 

The Lost Archive is a piece of DLC that lets you delve into the memories of another Assassin, Subject 16 and follow his brief life as an Assassin. As with the Desmond memories the game is played through a series of puzzle maps where you must negotiate by placing bridges and ramps to get past pits, laser gates and other dangers in the fragmented mind of this character.

I found the Desmond sequences quite bewlidering and a little frustrating at times and this could also be frustratingbut there was more of a payoff, with access to Abstergo documents and big revelations along the way.

New Characters

Clay Kaczmarek

Clay is the famous 'Subject 16' who has been a secret presence all the way through the series, leaving hidden messages for Desmond in his cell and also in the animus, including the famous Adam and Eve video in Assassin's Creed II. Clay appeared in the storyline of the main game, his memories remaining inside the animus while his body is gone. In the 'animus island' he helps desmond escape and regain consciousness, in the end sacrificing himself to do so, even though he had hoped to escape the animus somehow. In the archive we follow his story, his difficult relationship with his father, joining the Assassins and being sent to inflitrate Abstergo where he was betrayed and eventually died, but death did not stop him in accomplishing his mission of helping Desmond.

William Miles

Can't believe I left him out of my previous post and nearly forgot him here!! The father of Desmond, Bill Miles is a senior member of the Assassin Order. Mentioned in a throwaway line in The Fall comic I quickly put togewther who he was as soon as the words Bill was spoken by Shaun. Bill trained Clay and Lucy Stillman to infiltrate Abstergo, but his plan had further reaching consequences than he ever could have thought...


Clay joined the Assassins at an early age and was quickly entrusted by William Miles with the task of inflitrating Abstergo. While exploring the depths of the animus he was able to speak to Juno who entrusted him with the task of helping Desmond, who would come to be an Abstergo captive. He was to be helped by Lucy, who had been working for Abstergo for some time as an outsider, her ties to the Assassins had been cut at the age of 17 so she could inflitrate the organisation. However, it transpired that she had felt betrayed and joined the Templars and the reason she helped Desmond escape was so that he would get more data for Abstergo in the trusting hands of the Assassin, data she would later retrieve. Looks like 16 was right to try and warn Desmond and Juno was equally right to take control of Desmond's body in the shock ending to Brotherhood.


As I've mentioned the game uses the complicated puzzle mechanism of the Desomnd Sequences. Along the way you collect 'decipher fragments' which are required to complete the game. However Subject 16 is trappedf in 'the loop' meaning once he accesses his final memories he loops back to the beginning. Fortunately you can access the DNA memory to replay key parts and break the loop without replaying the whol thing.


 Embers is an animated short movie exploring the end of the life of Ezio. Now retired from the life of the Assassins and living in comfort with his wife Sofia and his children Ezio reflects on the time he spent, and the little time he has left. However an unexpected arrival changes things for him.

Shao Jun

A member of the Chinese Assassins and formerly a concubine of the Emperor she accompanied her leader on a journey to seek the council of former Mentor Ezio Auditore. Unfortunately they were attacked by soldiers of the Emperor leaving her alone to seek guidance so she could rebuild her order. While there they were attacked by soldier of the Emperor, she fought well with a range of weapons including what looked like a hidden blade in her shoe. After defeating the soldiers Ezio imparted his insights into being an Assassin, formerly that love of the people and of liberty should be what drives an Assassin.

That's kind of it really, I've covered most of the story there, but it's well worth a watch after you've played the game.

More video game content soon!!

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