Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mass Effect 3: Eden Prime and the Jon Grissom Academy

Yes it's more  Mass Effect 3 for you as I continue Shepard's adventures throughout this game. In this post I'll cover the From Ashes DLC as well as one of the main storyline missions from the game. After the vid I'll also post up a list of the War Assests earned so far up to this point and update it every post as best I can.

War Assets

* The following are War Assets earned at the Start of the game

The Alliance 1st, 3rd and 5th fleets (the 2nd was sacrificed battling the Reapers at Earth so the other fleets could withdraw)
The Alliance Engineering Corps (largely dedicated to building the Crucible weapon)
The 103rd Marine Division
SpecOps Team Delta
Normandy SR-2
Mineral Resources (your resources from the previous game are used for the war effort)
Diana Allers (her news broadcasts gain support for the Alliance)

* The following are War Assets earned on Palaven and by scouting the nearby systems

The Turian 79th Flotilla
It is also possible to earn fuel and credits by scouting systems

* The following are War Assets earned by completing assignments on the Citadel

Spectre Unit (A team of Spectres assembled by Jondum Bau to assist Shephard)
Hanar and Drell forces (A small fleet and elite assassins contributed in gratitude for saving Kahje)
Terminus Fleet (Assembled under Aria T'loak this fleet combines the might of the Blood Pack with their vorcha troops and Eclipse with a host of mechs and special forces units - Blue Suns are not yet committed)

* The following are War Assets earned on Eden Prime and the surrounding planets

Alliance Cruiser Shanghai (notable for successfully evacuating an entire colony with 0 casualties)
Alliance Naval Exploration Flotilla 
Eden Prime Support (they have overthrown Cerberus and are committed to supporting the Alliance)

* The following are War Assets earned while rescuing the Grissom Academy students

Jack (she leads a team of biotic students from Grissom Academy)
Grissom Academy students (Shephard assigned them to supporting the 103rd marines in a defensive role)
Kahlee Sanders (she takes technically gifted students from the Academy to work on the Crucible)

I forgot to mention that David Archer, rescued from the Cerberus Overlord programme in Mass Effect 2 is present on the station after Shepard freed him. He went with Kahlee to work on the Crucible project. 

And that's it! I'll continue to update War Assets as I go - I'm away for a few days but there'll be more Mass Effect before you know it!!

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