Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mass Effect 3: The Citadel and Palaven

I'm back discussing more of my playthrough of Mass Effect 3!! This post should really be called the Citadel, Palaven and back again as that's just what Shepard does in this early adventure. Anyway - here's the video.

It may have sounded like I swore in that video but I was just the result of me changing my mind mid-sentence honestly!!! 

There are also various people who need help - scientists trying to get better biotic amps or improve the power grid on the citadel, even Barla Von still working for the Shadow Broker not realising his boss in on Shepard's crew now! There are also plenty of conversations to listen into reflecting the effect of the war on everyone - plus a hilarious interactive advert for the Blasto 6 movie!!!

Oh and I did forget to say that Aria's on the Citadel due to the Cerberus invasion of Omega in the Mass Effect: Invasion comic series, but she has some impressive sway, even getting the Asari Councillor to help her pass customs!!

More Mass Effect soon!

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