Saturday, 2 February 2008

Doctor Who - New Series, new species part 8

Ok, so this time it's Torchwood with a new series exploding onto our screens. The series has shown signs of improvement from the first, slightly dissapointing while engaging series. With Alan Dale and other acting talent set to guest star the series looks like it is stepping up, but so far I still feel it needs to prove itself. None of the species featured in the shows have official names, which is a little irritating to me but I guess you can't please everyone can you.


The blowfish was a fun start to the series, appearing out of nowhere and ending just as quickly. The character was good, taunting the team and showing their need for Jack's return. I wish they'd been able to reveal more about it but I can see why they didn't.

"Blowfish" is the designation given to an unidentified fish-like species encountered by Torchwood. The species was humanoid, but with a fish shaped head complete with fins and markings. It seemed quite happy on land and had at least some idea of Earth culture, having stolen a smart sports car as it's chosen method of transport. The Blowfish was working for rogue Time Agent John Hart and carried a device for him. Any further information was lost when Jack Harkness took decisive action and shot the creature.

Cell 114

This species, with no name and no idea of who they are was a great idea and the use of "sleeper cells" with aliens undercover as humans with no idea of their true identity. This great concept was ruined for me by the episode ripping off Terminator in several ways (see the blade coming out of the arm in above picture for one!) so was only bearable in the end.

An unknown species sent members of it's race, disguised as the natives of the planet, equipped with false memories so they believed themselves to be so, and therefore would not reveal themselves under interrogation. Their purpose was to gather all necessary information about the planet and then subjugate it. Their bodies were equipped with inbuilt weapons such as bombs, force fields and electronic countermeasures. Cell 114 were defeated, with the help of one of their members who preferred her illusory human life and rejected her purpose, but even she was killed as her true nature began to take over. It is unknown if any other cells exist on Earth or across the stars.


This species is featured as a sidenote in the Torchwood alternate reality game available on their website. You play as a freelance operative hired to investigate mysterious goings on at a science lab calle "New Eden."

Midomar are a small species, about five centimetres tall, who can travel across radio waves using the energy to deconstruct and reconstruct themselves. One travelled into the radio of a man named Grayson and gave him messages, but the man sounded too mad for him to be any use to the Midomar. The radio he lived in eventually wound up in Torchwood where swarms of the creatures came through, much to the alarm of the staff. The Midomar were eventually frozen and stored in the vault and a blocking signal sent to stop them trying again.

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