Saturday, 9 February 2008

"VECTOR" begins

Ir's probably now a bit too late now, but if you have a comic book shop near you you might just have time to nip down and grab the first installment of the new Star Wars crossover series - Vector. It'll look a bit like this:

The series starts with Knights of the old Republic issue 25, but the cover has some familiar faces and VECTOR splashed over it so it shouldn't be too hard to spot. Knights of the old Republic is set in an era experienced in the games of the same name, about 4000 years before Luke sets out on his adventure.

It has yet to be explained how the story fits through to Luke's time and onward to the Legacy era you should be fairly familiar with by now - if you want to know more ask the comic book shop if they have Legacy 0.5 when you pop in. Nonetheless it's sure to be a good ride and one worth hopping on board if you're new to Star Wars comics. Though KotoR may be unfamiliar territory to most the issue is written so that new readers can get on board with the action without having to know too much of the backstory.

The story centres around an ancient Sith Talisman whose power over life makes it a desirable prospect to many forces and it's impact will clearly last a long time. In KotoR the two main heroes Zayne and Gryph stumble into a secret Jedi agent sent to recover it and the stage is set for more adventure. I can;t really say more without spoiling the whole plot so I'll leave you with that and see if you fancy it.

The story statys with KotoR for four issues (25-28) then moves on to Dark Times, which is set in the aftermath of Order 66.

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