Thursday, 24 February 2011

Avatar Kinect

Kinect has been a great addition to the Xbox 360 - OK it hasn't been everything I'd dreamed - I can't lazily command everything on my Xbox by my voice, but it has a number of cool capabilities and has made the Xbox a viable option for a social gathering - Party mode on Kinect Sports was a big hit at my house.

There are other social options such as Video Kinect, which allows you to chat with other kinect users, or even with Live Messenger users who have a webcam. Video kinect is a nifty way of chatting as it can pick up your voice anywhere in the room and the system is already used to tracking you so if you shift in your seat the software is used to following you and if someone else sits down it know and wide angles to get you both in - great stuff. Well it's about to get better...

Why am I posting about this? Well mainly because I see some future potential for this blog in it. I've always wanted to maybe try another medium but not had the technology or the know-how to do something like the 'Podcast of Impossible Things' crew in Cardiff who host podcasts (obviously!) I see this as a way to have a more interesting medium of discussion to liven up the blog a little bit, I'll splash out on some Star Wars avatar gear, get a few friends around and discuss the latest movie, game, comic or whatever. Maybe if you have Kinect you could get involved too.

This looks like a golden opportunity for this blog and I hope it can be used to add some variety and life to it.

Watch this space...

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