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Stuff: Star Wars Invasion - Rescues

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Time for some more Star Wars goodness from Dark Horse Comics in the second run of Invasion set during the Yuuzhan Vong War. While the war pushes on and spreads to a galactic scale the story still features the trials of the Galfridian family and boy were we in for some shockers in that journey (for background on the Galfridians see my last post). As ever this was a great opportunity to explore visually what we had mostly read about in novels as well as having a great original story focusing on the Artorian refugees. I'm afraid to say there is no map as Dibrook has yet to be given a reference on the Star Wars galaxy map.

so we'll get started with some

New Jedi

I don't know the species of this guy - he looks Chiss, but that's unlikely even this late into the timeline. This unfortunate Jedi had been captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and was being experimented on so that the invaders could learn more about their most dangerous enemies. Tsalok came to interrogate him to learn the identity of Finn who had spared him on Rychel. Yuledan held out using the force, but eventually succumbed and told the Vong all he knew. After that he was moved offworld with the Vong to endure more of their experiments.

Dray is an unusual fellow with force powers. Finn briefly bumped into him on Nar Shadda as a crazy homeless person, but Dray quickly revealed himself to have more than meets the eye. Giving Fuinn a holocron that only worked in his presence he was able to warn him about an attack on his father and bring him back. He had long had visions of the invasion, but had split from Skywalker's Jedi long before and had since gone insane. In his brief moments of sanity he warned Finn of a powerful plot in motion by the Vong and warned that action must be taken or all would be lost.

New Ships

Dibrook Space Station
That's no moon...sorry couldn't resist! This large station was used by the new Republic to harbor immense numbers of refugees from planets invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong. The station was overcrowded and conditions poor but it kept the people alive until it was discovered by the Vong. The small number of fighters available were overwhelmed until help came from an unconventional source...

and that's your lot, we did get to see a few Vong creatures in this arc, but they'd mostly been referenced before, but we did get to see thralls - people of different species mutated to serve the Yuuzhan Vong against their own wills.

New Planets

Only one featured and like I said, no map for it.

Dibrook is an inhospitable world with an atmosphere and weather conditions to sever for most living beings. The New Republic Housed a refugee station in orbit above the planet likely as it would be thought unstrategic to attack. But the Vong attacked nonetheless and finding themselves well adapted to the harsh weather quickly set up a base on the planet.


It's mostly been covered, but I'll fill in the gaps. After recieving a warning through Dray's holocron Finn disobeys orders and journeys to Artorias. He is too late to save his father, but shares some time with him and hears about how his mother was once a slave but was freed by his father and fell in love with him and loved him, despite him having two young children on his own, his father also said he knew Nina's secret and loved her anyway. Finn also shared with his father that he was able to sense Yuuzhan Vong and that there was something strange inside him, then got his people safely offworld before journeying to Nar Shadda where he met Dray and recieved his message about the future.
Nina and Kaye arrived at Dibrook and fought off a Yuuzhan Vong fleet, but realised there were prisoners on the surface. Kaye led an army to the surface, but soon faced an army of refugees mutilated into Vong creatures that her soldiers were hesitant to fight. The battle continued at tremendous cost until the Vong were forced to flee. Under stress from the battle Nina nearly revealed her secret - she herself is Yuuzhan vong!!!

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