Friday, 25 February 2011

Heroes: Slow Burn

I'm going to finish off the content from Heroes if you'll indulge me with a final set of webisodes from the show. 'Slow Burn' follows the lives of the members of the Carnival a group of people all bearing abilities who mask their powers by performing tricks that seem like magic to viewers, but who also have an agenda of their own.

The webisodes centre around Lydia who follows Samuel the leader, but also knows the danger of his ambitions. She tries to keep her daughter from the group for this reason, but she is increasingly unable to control her dangerous power. So she joins the group and'll see. This set provided interesting info that fed into the show as it went along.

There are ten episodes, which is a bit much for a post so I'll post five now and the rest soon.

OK, like I said I'll finish off the episodes soon and that'll likely be the end of Heroes content on the blog, but I'm sure there'll be more TV bonus content for me to post up before long.

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