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Blogga's video Game Diary - 16/2/11

Ok so this is the final Halo Reach post - I'll be moving onto The Force Unleashed II soon and then onto the Mass Effect 2 DLC as I replay the game so posts will be sporadic...not that that makes a change!!

This, if you didn't know, is the post-credits 'Lone Wolf' level, there isn't much new here, but it does allow me to cover any things I missed in covering Reach so far. Well I'll reverse things a bit and do the...


Not much here: With the Pillar of Autumn speeding away from Reach for it's fateful mission Noble Six is stranded aboard Reach, which is being glassed by an aggressive covenant Armada. He takes a stand against the covenant ground forces, slaying them in large numbers, but is eventually overwhelmed. He is eulogized by Catherine Halsey, and thirty years later when life has returned to Reach, so does humanity journey back across the stars to recolonize the world.

New Stuff

Colony Ship

This unnamed colony ship is featured at the end when Noble Siz is eulogized and we see humanity returning to it's former home, indicating that peace has returned to humanity. I like the sleek white design, indicating an upgrade in technology over the intervening period. I wonder if we'll see more of what happens in this time period.

Missile 'Hog

Also known as a M12R Light Anti-Armor Vehicle this is the latest Warthog variant to be used in a Halo game, we also have the troop transport version and the formidable Gauss hog too. This vehicle is use as an effective anti-air and anti-armour vehicle sending barrages of homing missiles at a target, bringing down even the toughest enemy armour.


One of the enjoyable aspects of Reach was being able to hop into Civillian vehicles. How many times had I wondered around New Mombasa in ODST wishing I could hop into one of the cars there. In Reach even the forklift trucks are available, though they have zero speed - they can't even splatter a grunt!! The Spade was a worthy addition, featutred in the campaign and a good drive too. With no gun it isn't for combat but it's a fast ride from A to B and carries a few passengers. In the campaign it's great when Jorge jumps on and uses his big gun as a turret, basically turning the thing into a big Warthog!

Space Banshee

Fairly obvious this one, Banshees, but in space! You fight these in the Anchor 9 mission alongside Seraphs, they complement the other fighters well as they are nimbler, but lack the shielding of the Seraph.


A nifty little addition to the covenant ground forces - basically a wraith meeting a ghost halfway. It has a weaker version of the wraith's plasma mortar, which is still devastating against infantry units, it also boasts greater speed and manoeuvrability, making it harder to take out from range with heavy munitions. It has an additional seat for a passenger who can defend the driver at close range. These units were used in large numbers on Reach.

and that is it - well apart from daily challenges and the like, I hope you've enjoyed this forray into Reach even if it did get horrendously out of date! More games stuff soon!

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