Saturday, 19 March 2011

Blogga's Video Game Diary - 19/3/11

OK I lied... well I didn't mean to lie, but sill I should have known better...

So yeah, I managed to find a few more things as I continue my playthrough so I'm gonna post them up so I hope you'll indulge me in a little more Halo minutiae. Well I suppose I am at least blogging as I find things, which was the original intention of the posts!


As this is meant to be a diary I suppose I'd better let you know what I've been up to. Well as you've no doubt gathered from previous posts I have been replaying the campaign on Legendary. This was no mean feat, but with a little frustration thrown in, it was a lot of fun. I started using the theatre mode a lot more for this, but also got some fun shots, such as the one above of Brutes trying to engage my Falcon.

After finishing the campaign my priority has been finishing off achievements to go with ut. I managed to get myself up to Lt. Colonel by completing challenges as I went along, and to get the achievment purchased the JFO Helmet to go with it.

I also got two other achievements that I'd missed on the way through, the first was to complete the second mission on foot without using a vehicle - simple enough and as I was able to play on Normal when I was used to Legendary the thing took no time at all. A harder one was to take out the Corvette's engines and fighter escort in under 3 minute on Heroic in the level 'Long Night of Solace'. This was made tricky by the fact that if you fail you have to go right back to the rally point and go through all the space combat again - which is a real pain! The main trick I found was to fly straight down for a bit and then you can get missile lock on the engines before the objective even comes up!

While I was wondering around in space I spotted a

Nav Beacon

These are used by the UNSC to aid navigation and detect enemy slipspace ruptures and provide an early warning system. One of these beacons was in rang of the Covenant Corvette the UNSC captured, but I also saw this one just outside Anchor 9 where the mission starts and couldn't resist grabbing a screenshot.

and speaking of beacons...

Distress Beacon

Sorry about the image size and quality, it was really hard to get a decent screen grab of this one as it was so small and partly buried in the ground so a zoomed out shot was the best I could get. These beacons were used by Army Troopers on Reach to summon help. A small group attacked by the Covenant left one of these beacons, prompting Noble Team to investigate and discover the invasion.

I'm not even going to bother saying it's the last one...but it might be!!

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