Saturday, 5 March 2011

Blogga's Video Game Diary - 5/3/11

OK so I didn't quite expect to be posting again so soon, but I'm obviously getting the hang of playing Halo on Legendary as I stormed through this level to grab some more screenshots for y'all.

These are from the level 'The Package' where a demo op on Sword Base turns to be something more significant. I've managed to get a screen grab of the large Forerunner artifact from which Cortana gained the data and knowledge to understand Halo and alter the course of the war forever. The artefact is pictured above.

Also there was the

M8 'Wolf-Spider' Automated Defense System

It was hard to get a decent shot of this, but as there still isn't a pic on the Halo Wiki this'll have to do. These turrets were stationed outside the research lab under Sword Base. They were fully automated, and intelligent enough to identify friend from foe, but they did require an operator to activate them, if they took significant damage, the turret would fold down into it's armoured casing, protecting it while it recharged, but requiring an operator to then reactivate it.

Well that should be it, but who knows...

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