Saturday, 26 March 2011

Video Game Review: Mass Effect 2

As I've already stated I want to do some Mass Effect themed posts in the future, looking at the complexities of the different races in the game as well as the prospects for certain characters. More importantly I will also be including the DLC for the game in my continuing Video Game Diaries. I've played most of the DLC, but I've got a few packs still unplayed and the final pack 'Arrival' is out soon too. So more important to get an overview of the game up here on the blog, even if it is a rushed job.

There be SPOILERS ahead folks!

Rough Plot

OK, the game has HUGE spoilers from the start so I'm just gonna have to risk it. Shepard dies! Or nearly dies, but he is rescued and resurrected by the mysterious Cerberus group. They want Shepard to take the lead against the Reapers, and are pretty much the only group who willingly acknowledge their existence. It takes two years to restore the Comander and he finds the Galaxy much changed, as is his life.

His squad have separated, Ashley/Kaidan has gone back to the Alliance. Liara is embroiled in a private war against the Shadow Broker (more in DLC) and Wrex is attempting to unite the Krogan clans on Tuchanka. He gets a new ship and assembles a new squad, picking up some old friends along the way.

He is working for The Illusive Man (who we're finding out about in the current comic series) a powerful man with many contacts, who yet is willing to let Shepard lead his investigation in the way he chooses, advising him of worthy contacts and important assignments, but largely letting him choose his own path, leaving his own aims very ambiguous.

But the threat is urgent, a mysterious force known as the Collectors have been attacking human Colonies and abducting the humans found on them. Cerberus believe them to be working for the Reapers and send the Normandy crew after them to find out where they come from and what they are up to.

Along the way Shepard has to deal with his crew's unfinished business, as their mission is nearly suicidal, and settle conflicts between his crew, which even includes a Geth member!! As they drive further and further they bond as a team and are able to eliminate the Collector threat, though the Reaper threat draws ever closer...

that's about as rough as it gets!!


Most of the gameplay from the first game survives, you still have to talk a lot, and your decisions in conversation have a big impact on the direction of the game. You can now 'interrupt' conversations to act in either a dark or light way, adding to your score. You now scan and collect minerals from orbit, and the minerals actually have a purpose, allowing you to conduct research and upgrade your weapons and ship. There aren't as many planets to land on, but there's much more variety on the ones you do land on, travelling around a wrecked spaceship hanging off the edge of a cliff was a great change from the rocky terrains of ME1.

Worth Playing


I do intend on going into much more detail in future posts, but for now - thanks for reading.

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