Friday, 4 March 2011

Blogga's Video Game Diary - 04/03/11

So I'm not quite done with Reach it would seem. I've been replaying the game on Legendary as I've completed all my other games and felt like a breather before the mammoth task of completing Mass Effect 2 again with added DLC! I hadn't thought there'd be anything to post, but as I was going though I found a few fun bits.

I've already talked about the epic nightclub fight with four hunters, which I was not relishing on Legendary, but my friend mentioned an Easter Egg. There is a switch hidden in a remote corner halfwasy across the city, when you press it the club turns into a proper club, only with grunts dancing and even a Brute DJ!!

Hilarious as it was, it was also a great opportunity to admire the design that went into this level, I would absolutely love to hang out in this place were it real and all the details, such as the holographic decks seen above, were much better to admire without a hunter at your back!!

I also remembered there were some things that there weren't images for when I went through Reach, so I got this image, using Theatre Mode, on my run through of this level.

Covenant Jammer

These devices caused immense disruption to communications of the UNSC and even caused low level disruption to any electronic devices that came near them. The Covenant deployed these around the city of New Alexandria, preventing forces there from co-ordinating with the military across the planet. Noble Six took a Falcon around the city and eliminated all the jammers before returning to Noble HQ. They were sturdy and resistant to small-arms fire, but could be overloaded manually if a user got close to them.

And that's it, but there may be a few more things I can get before I finish my replay.

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