Monday, 16 May 2011

Assassins's Creed: The Fall - Review

Still catching up on old content at the moment, so prepare yourselves for plenty of comics and game reviews over the next few weeks, with a sprinkling of up to date content thrown in too I hope.

I'm review The Fall an original story set in the Assassin's Creed universe. It is fairly unique in that it doesn't feature any character's from the game world (well OK Vidic does make a small appearance!) and isn't a 'deleted scene' or additional backstory like most game comics. It does tie in to a little of the game's backstory but is a fully self-sustaining story set in the same world.

I'll try not to spoil too much, 'cause I really would recommend this to any Creed fans as worth getting whenever the graphic novel comes out. But I doubt I'll succeed so if you're planning on getting this you may want to skim over the details.

EDIT: OK I failed completely! If you want to stay spoiler-free, wait to buy the comics!

New Characters

Nikolai Orelov

A member of the Russian assassin's order in the late 19th century he was ordered to assassinate Tsar Alexander the 3rd in order to obtain The Staff, a piece of Eden held by Templars but failed. He led a mission to capture the staff but it was destroyed by Tesla and his weapons before he could retrieve it. Wanting to make sure it was destroyed he tracked down the final shard, which was used by Rasputin to gain influence. He took the shard and used it to escape Russia for America to start a new life.

Daniel Cross

Daniel was a descendant of Orelov. As a child he was kidnapped by Abstergo, who sued brutal methods to extract his genetic memories before turning him loose. Plagued by visions of the past as a young adult Cross turned to drugs to escape his visions and became a low-life criminal. He was picked up by members of the Assassin Order, who helped him uncover his identity as an Assassin and trained him. He went on a quest to find The Mentor, who he discovered in a vision, but when he did an impulse embedded by Abstergo drove him to kill The Mentor without knowing why. He had to flee the scene and eventually returned to Abstergo, having nowhere else to go.

Paul Bellamy and Hannah Mueller

Paul Bellamy was the leader of the training facility which took Daniel Cross in. He was in contact with a number of senior Assassins and was able to obtain information on Daniel's heritage and The Staff. Hannah Mueller was a fully trained Assassin, though her role was a hacker and computer expert, stopping the Templars from subverting Elections and other things to their advantage. They both supported Cross and helped him in his quest to find the mentor, not realising what it would cost.

The Mentor

A title once held by Ezio, this title was passed on to the leader of the Assassin Order, each giving it to his successor. This man was head of the Assassin's Order, remotely commanding the Assassin teams around the world to do the work of the order. The Assassin's largely worked through non-violent means to ensure that free will was preserved, thwarting Templar plans by other means. He had a base in Dubai as he thought it symbolic of Templar methods and ideals. After inducting Cross into the order he was betrayed and killed by Cross, throwing the Order into disarray.


This was a great story, it works on it's own, but also explains the Tunguska event, part of the wider backstory and also shows how the mighty Assassin Order came to be the scattered, hunted group that it is in 2012. It was nice to see the Assassin's around the world, from Japanese businessmen to Buddhist monks to desert training camps. Well worth a read and a great addition to the franchise.

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