Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Blogga's Wall - Catchup!

OK so I'm VERY behind on this one!! I've obviously missed a bit due to my holiday, but it also looks like I didn't do a post for February either so this is a big catch up here - right, better get on with it!!

1) Mass Effect: Evolution

I won't say much as I'll be reviewing this series before long. Basically this delves into the origins of the Illusive Man from Mass Effect 2, who aids and funds Shepard's mission to stop the Reapers, though his ultimate goals remain a mystery. Set during and after the time when humans first stumbled into Citadel space this story explores the young mercenary, and the discover that drives him to become leader of Cerberus.

2. Darth Vader and the Lost Command

Another new comic series from Dark Horse, I'll also be reviewing this soon, when the final issue comes out in a month or so so I won't say too much. Darth Vader leads an army to recover a lost Imperial Unit sent to the Ghost Nebula, tracking his target through traps, mysterious worlds and betrayals.

3. Outcasts

This was a great BBC series, set on a new colony world of Carpathia. Set as a new colony ship arrives at the new colony it explores the power struggles of people who were important on Earth against the established rulers of Carpathia. As this goes on it opens up a wider angle of what's going on, with rogue clones waging a secret war against the colony and further on an alien force intent on wiping them out - unfortunately this series isn't going to be resumed so we won't find out what happened next, but it was a great ride.

4. Assassin's Creed: The Fall.

Again will be reviewing this soon so I won't say much at all, in fact I think it's my next post so I'll say nothing!

5. Legacy: War #3

Another series I'll be reviewing in a month or so, it's sad to say that the FINAL issue of Legacy is out soon - I don't know what I'll do with myself after.

6. Caves of Steel

A great Asimov novel, basically a detective story in a future Earth with robots, spacemen and the future of humankind in the balance! Humanity has taken to the stars, but those that remain have built great enclosed mega-cities and feel little need to leave so when a group of 'spacers' return and establish a colony on Earth the tension is high, and when a spacer is murdered the tension is higher - Baley, a detective must be partnered with a robot (3 laws and all that) to uncover the killer before war breaks out and finds a bigger plan at work too. Great read.

And that's about it - normal service will resume soon.

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