Monday, 30 May 2011

Blogga's Video Game Diary - 30/5/11

So we're still blogging through Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II at the moment. Due to a lack of clear cinematic breaks and story diversion I actually bombed through the second half of the game in one afternoon thinking it was just one long level!! It does show, I think that this game is weaker than the second - especially with it's irritating cliffhanger ending. I loved the first game, though it has it's share of critics, but this one isn't as strong or compelling - still it's Star Wars and if it's storyline canon then I'm going to play, watch or read it!!

On with the new stuff!

New Troopers

Terror Troopers

It's hard to know what to make of these soldiers with their General Grievous faces and odd tactics. They possessed a high level of cybernetics to aid them in combat, which enables them to cloak at will, appearing and dissapearing around the battlefield, stunning targets with their weapon then dispatching them at close range before vanishing again. They were used under the command of Boba Fett to attack the Rebel Alliance, but were mostly wiped out by Starkiller.

Aberrant Clones

There were dozens of failed attaempts at creating a pure clone of Galen Marek. These were kept in the cloning facility on Kamino as experiments. But when Starkiller attacked the facility Vader unleashed the clones to attack him, some were capable of using lightsabers or force powers but all were completely insane, madly attacking anything in their way. Starkiller was forced to wipe them out to get to Vader.

New Droids

Terror Droid

Part of the 'terror' program led by Terror troopers under boba Fett's commands these little droids attacked ships in swarms, overhwelming opponents by sheer numbers. Surrounding a target they would distract them until one got close enough to pounce and pin them down while the rest swarmed in.

Terror Walker

This walker is itself a droid designed to wreak maximum havok with it's powerful energy weepons and clawed legs. Seemingly modeled on the terrifying Acklay, it slahed down at victims and even mimicked the creature's cry. Heavily shielded there was little that could take it down when it attacked the Rebel fleet until Starkiller drove it into the main reactor of the flagship.

Incinerator War Droid

Not much to say about this one, it's basically the Carbonite War Droid from earlier in the game, only this time with a flamethrower!!


As I've said I bobmed through this so there's not much to say. Starkiller reunites with the Rebel Fleet, which features some cool ships! But they have generally appeared in Star Wars before so I won't bore you with the detail, just look the game up on Wookiepedia - one thing I did note was that that ship in the hangar wasn't an A-Wing (phew!) it was a Spearhead - a precursor to it. Anyway when he gets there the fleet is under attack by Boba Fett and the Terror troopers. Starkiller fights them off, but Fett escapes with Juno. The entire Rebel Fleet follow him to Kamino where they launch an attack on the cloning facility. Taking a beating from the Imperials stationed there the Rebels hold out long enough for Starkiller to assault the city, he duels Vader and saves Juno, but still does not know if he is a clone or not. The Rebels take Vader to their base on Dantooine and... well yeah, that's where it ends, with the Rebels gone and Boba tracking them. So there's clearly going to be a third game, but come on that's quite the cliffhanger. I won't be able to resist finishing the trilogy off - but this game was, over all, a little under par.

That's it for Star Waars, next time Mass Effect!

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