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Blogga's Video Game Diary - 17/5/11

There's not much to say in terms of diary because I finished the game a while a go and am well through my second playthrough. After escaping Kaminio the Apprentice takes Vader's fighter to travel to Cato-Neimoidia (if you watch the movies it's the planet where Plo Koon was killed) to find his former master Rahm Kota to save him and start the search for answers.

New Characters

Baron Merillion Tarko
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Anaxes
Position: Baron of Cato-Neimoidia

A powerful Imperial with friends in high places he was given rule of the rich world of Cato-Neimoidia and quickly took advantage of it's wealth for the Empire and his own personal gain. He renamed the capital after himself (Tarko-Se) and established a massive gladitorial arena suspended under one of the bridge cities, which he used to amuse himself, dispose of prisoners, and make a profit. He aimed to kill Rahm kota in the arena, but when Starkiller arrived he was killed himself in the ensuing battle.

New Troopers

Sith Acolytes

Trained in the Dark Side, these acolytes were deployed on Cato-Neimoidia and other subjugated worlds to instil fear with their use of Sith powers. Instead of weapons they used the force to attack their targets from range, disarming and dislodging them before they could attack. They were no match for Starkiller however, who shunned their force attacks and defeated them with his lightsaber skills.

New Vehicles


I think walkers are over-used and there are too many variants, especially going into the past. I don't mind post-trilogy books adding new types (though there should still be a limit) but there are dozens of walkers added to the Empire's arsenal in these games and other things and it's on the verge of getting ridiculous and takes something away from the awe moment of first seeing AT-ATs on Hoth. (Having said that I loved the AT-CT in the first game!)

These walkers were a devastating attack force able of launching several guided missiles in one burst, useful for guarding bases against an oncoming force, though they were slow and awkward and not useful for attack. They met their match in Starkiller who used the force to deflect their own missiles back at them.

Nemesis gunship

I couldn't find a decent picture of this for some reason, but anyway, this also shows the cargo tram Starkiller was riding when he was attacked by it. This powerful atmospheric gunship was incredibly fast and manoeuvrable and able to launch both missiles and blaster bolts at it's target, swinging round in devastating sweeps of fire before retreating out of range.

New Species


A massive creature, easily able to clutch a rancor in one hand and in the mythology of some cultures as a bringer of death and the end this creature was somehow captured by the Empire and brough to Cato-Neimoidia and kept in the arena pit. Enraged by Starkiller's arrival the Baron ordered the Gorog's release before suitable restraints were finalised. The creature broke free, destroyed the arena, eat the Baron before falling to it's death at Starkiller's hand.

And that's it for new stuff.


Starkiller infiltrates Cato-Neimoidia in search of Rahm Kota, battling his way through the Imperial forces to the arena where he battles the Gorog and escapes with Rahm. Still unsure of his identity he wants to meditate and find more, while the General just wants him in the fight, after falling out with him he drops him off on Malastare and heads to Dagobah, where he meets Yoda and goes into the Dark Side cave where he gets a vision of all the other clones and finally Juno's location, he leaves to track her down, but the Empire is already on her trail.

More soon.

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