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Stuff: Star Wars Knight Errant - Aflame, part 2

Right, this is the last of the posts I've got to catch up on, that is to say the last of the posts I'd planned on writing before going away on holiday! So hopefully after this things should be a bit more up to date - as up to date as I ever get on this blog anyway!!

If you've forgotten about Knight Errant read the first part of my post about it HERE

New Vehicles


Is the first vehicle - a heavy loader designed to cross long distances with goods, one was hijacked by the Jedi for a surprise raid on Chelloa. I looked for an image, but I couldn't get one and my scanner's packed in so not a great start!!

Daimanite Starfighter

A model of starfighter used by Lord Daiman at his base in Chelloa and elsewhere. He sent a force of these fighters to attack his brother Odion, and Kerra Holt joined the fight in a stolen fighter so she could sneak aboard Odion's fortress.

Kinetic Corruptor

These immense weapons of mass destruction are actually mining tools, used in mining Baradium, but Odion discovered they could detonate the explosives material even in it's raw form and planned to use them to blow up Chelloa and deprive his brother of the planet's resources. Daiman returned the favour drawing his brother to the planet with his army then detonating Kinetic Corruptors he'd built himself, destroying most of his force.


To be honest I was a bit annoyed to see this ship as it seems odd that a design from three thousand years previous would still be used, but it had already been mentioned in a Darth Bane novel (written by a KotoR writer using his own stuff!) so it was an established part of the timeline and at least they's revamped the design a little. These were used by the Republic in the battle of Aquilaris, which they lost to the Sith.

Mobile Munitions Complex

I really liked this. Due to the constantly shifting competition for resources these mobile cities were built so that when new resources were found the mining and construction facilities could simply be moved there rather than having to start from scratch. When Daiman discovered Baraidum on Chelloa he brought several of these complexes across his space to the world.

The Spike

Similar to the previous, but instead a massive space station, this is the base of operations for Lord Odion. Comprised of several modules around a central spike this facility acts as both fortress and production facility for Odion's war effort. At the time of his battle with Daiman over Chelloa he converted several of the modules to work on Kinetic Corruptors to damage the planet.

Sword of Ieldis

This was Odion's main battle cruiser from which he fought Daiman's radi on The Spike, blocky and functional, it fits the designs of the era and I'm really loving the variety of ships and other designs in this era.

The Freedom Fleet

Again I'm having trouble with getting images here, but there was a large variety of mining and trading vessels on Chelloa, Kerra Holt captured and liberated these and used them to evacuate the people of Chelloa away from the destruction caused by the warring Sith.


I've gone into a lot of it, but I'll give a rough outline of the plot while I'm at it I suppose. The Republic and Sith have been at war for decades with the Sith carving out a huge portion of space for themselves and settling to squabbling with each other for resources. The Republic is largely concentrating on holding it's lines and defences, but a group of Jedi want to strike at the Sith and go to Chelloa to disrupt the Baradium mining and launch a secret raid. Unfortunately their raid copincides with a sneak attack by Odion who brings his kinetic corruptor, killing most of the Jedi before having to retreat. Kerra tries to take on the Sith alone but can't, realising she has a greater mission - getting the people to safety before the uncaring Sith kill them all in their battles with each other.


I would normally do a map, but instead there's a very detailed account on the are in which the story takes place, including maps which I'll link to HERE.

And that's it, more from me soon.

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