Saturday, 17 May 2008

Book Review : Stardust

Neil Gaiman has written some fine novels and comics over the last few years. I personally am a fan of his The Sandman Series. Set in the same world as The Sandman, Stardust is perhaps his most refined and elegant novel.
I saw the film version a few moths ago and was immensely disappointed. Not only because it deviated away from the original story a bit, but also because this is an adult book, not meant to become a children's film with Take That on the closing credits.
I say this is an adult book, not because of the sexual references and swearing that appear in this book (which was £1 in the children's section in ASDA) but because of it's emotional and blunt storytelling. Without the cover, I would have compared it to Steven King's The Dark Tower. This is not to say that it is a dark story, far from it, but that it is a mature and clever piece of fiction that deserves to be placed on a wooden cabinet alongside the more complex members of the Lord of the Rings family.
The ending is suitably sad, it's expected of a book of this standard. It gives it that bit more finesse and professionalism that would be lacking if the final words were "Happily ever after", that makes the film adaptation fall from a potential fantasy classic, to a run of the mill children's film.
I would strongly recommend this book. The one retailed with the film's graphics on the front hasn't been altered in anyway (and is perhaps slightly cheaper) but to in order to impress people who have never heard of Neil Gaiman, buy the original printing instead.

Expect a Doctor Who The Movie review (the eighth doctor one) and if i can be bothered a review of the book series that followed (which is the longest running book series in the world).


Caleb Woodbridge said...

As much as I hate to admit it, Doctor Who isn't actually the longest running book series (it is the longest running English language book series, however). German sci-fi series Perry Rhodan has been running since 1961.

Samuel Li said...

Arrrgh, yet again corrected!!!
Thanks anyway.
The guiness book of records lied!!!
And so did Doctor who Magazine!!!
Sorry to all those who were misled and subsequently embarrassed by other, more knowledgable people such as Caleb whilst talking about very long book series, such as Doctor Who