Friday, 9 May 2008

Star Wars Legacy #22: Updates and Review

So the GA scored a victory, but they knew there would be repurcussions after they stole the Empire's latest starship - but I don't think they realised how serious threatening the Sith Lord would be, especially after he just lost his other valuable prize - Cade Skywalker. The issue features the Imperial Knights who I will post about soon. I'll do my usual updates and try and give my thoughts on the issue if there's time.

Sith Updates

Darth Krayt

Darth Krayt made a rare visit to a world other than Korriban or Coruscant to exact "justice" on the Mon Calamari people. Wyyrlok feared for his health, but he stated that the increase in the dark side from the massacre gave him strength, but still the loss of Skywalker has affected him deeply.

Darth Talon

She appeared to be in this issue, bit this was later revealed to be an error.

Darth Azard

Azard was already on station and brutally carried out Darth Krayt's order, even attacking Quarren who objected, stating "I am not one of you, I am Sith!" He battled senior Imperial Knight Treis Sinde when his shuttle was stolen by a rescue party. Treis escaped when an explosion was triggered by the escaping crew. azard was able to shield himself with the force, but was knocked back by the explosion and lost Sinde.

Wyyrlok and other Sith were on the planet to help Krayt and carry out his order.


Darth Krayt travelled to Dac (or Mon Calamari) and issued an order that 10% of the Mon Calamari population should be destroyed, starting with what remained of the government. The rest were to be put in labour camps. Monia Gahan, niece of dead Mon cal representative Gial Gahan and member of Stazi's crew, was captured by Stormtroopers then rescued by Imperial Knights who needed her to send a message to Admiral Stazi. She insisted on rescuing the captive GA and Rogue Squadron members on planet and, with some reluctance, the Knights agreed and blasted off planet. One Knight, Treis Sinde, bought time by battling Darth Azard and then joined the mon Cal resistance. The Imperial Knights informed Stazi and the Alliance of sabotage they'd done on the Imperious, now the GA flagship, when it was still in Sith hands and showed how to disable it. Though still hesitant the Admiral proposed that he'd be interested in allying with Fel and his forces and he renamed his ship Alliance giving a glimmer of hope in very dark times.

My Two Credits

This issue felt quite short, but one shots always do and it can obviously be quite hard to cram a lot of info into one comic issue. Still it didn't quite convey the drastic loss of life or the sense of hope as well as it could have, but still it was a worthy epilogue to the events of the previous issues and a nice chance to meet up again with characters we were starting to get to know. The reintroduction of the Imperial Knights was good as it provided tension that Jedi, or other rescuers could not provide. While it could have been more it was still a good story and moved on the Legacy era quite well.

Issue 23 is out, but I'll probably do my comics run at the end of the month, depending on whether there are delays or not. I hope to do a post on the Imperial Knights soon.

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