Monday, 19 May 2008

The Matrix Online: Chapter 1, part 3

mIt is my intention to also give you some idea of the things to do whilst playing the Matrix Online so I think I shall slot them in between chapter reviews, starting with the basics of gameplay and what there is to do when you first enter the game. But for now let's finish the first chapter of the game storyline, which was quite a shock to the system let me tell ya.

With the Nightfall over, events turned to Morpheus who continued his crusade to free the One or his remains from the Machine city. Morpheus put a secret message in a newspaper and several redpills got it, meeting with him while he continued to speak of his campaign. Following this a surge of "code bombings" began in the Matrix. This sows great confusion, especially among Zion, some help him, some try to stop him other stand and watch uncertain of where their loyalties should lie.

Almost unnoticed in the chaos, though certainly adding to it, helicopters are spotted flying around the city, dropping leaflets stating "Don't Trust the Frenchman" - but no one has time to figure out why they are there. Also a group of Masked Men start coming out of the woodwork, also with their motives unclear, but joining in the attacks on Morpheus - showing up in large numbers after Ookami tried to attack him and on other occasions when he showed up in public. Both these entities remained a mystery - but they weren't going to go away.

Then the unthinkable happened...

And everything changed.

This mysterious assasin had really done it, despite all the new measures put in Morpheus's body has not been found and he was really dead. To be true, some people think he may still be alive - this has never been confirmed, but either way it didn't matter: the hunt was on!

Early on, operatives uncovered evidence linking this Assassin to the Merovingian. The Merovingian didn't acknowledge any part in the assassination - but there wasn't time for following that up because The Assassin wasn't hiding - he was fighting!

It started when Agent Skinner, a senior Agent often in charge of human operations, was confronted and killed (also permanantly) by the Assassin. Monsters caled "corrupted" - seemingly monsters made of flies in a roughly human shape - began attacking humans en masse. While difficult to kill a swarm of flies the humans fought back uncovering a definite connection to the Assassin and confirmation that he had killed Morpheus...and more than that - he wanted to bring down the entire Matrix!!

Soon decay began to appear in the Matrix as flies began to attack everything, even to the extent of revealing the code behind monuments and other structures. Flies even attacked Morpheus's body at an improptu funeral held for him - this enraged the humans, that rage and anger would be something they'd need to get through what happened next. One person did show up to help however, newly designed liaison program Agent Pace.

But the battle became even more intense when "Complete Corruptors" - massive fly creatures that towered over anything human - began their assault. Very hard to injure and able to cause massive damage to anything that came near. The battle was long and hard, with all organizations working together, spurred on by ookami - now working for the Merv - they eventually brought all the monsters down. But even though they hadn't succeeded in destruction they had given the Assassin the chance to escape justice...for a while.

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