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Star Wars Legacy - Imperial Knights, part 1

Ok, so I've covered the Sith and the Jedi, as well as Cade who has danced to both tunes. But now it's time to introduce a new group of force users - The Imperial Knights. I'd normally start with still active members, but this time I'll go with fallen members to give a bit more space to explain this new organization and comment on it.

The Imperial Knights are a groups of force sensitive individuals trained in force abilities and lightsaber combat, but they don't hold to Jedi teachings...nor do they believe in the Sith path. Rather they are dedicated to serving the Empire and especially it's emperor, Roan Fel. Because of this the Jedi Order regards them as "Grey Jedi" - not inheently evil, but not true Jedi either. The Knights are a small order, mostly dedicated to serving and protecting the Emperor and undertaking key missions that require additional abilities. They are a small order, not comparable to the thousands of Jedi and Sith, but they are strong and powerful. They have enough to train knights within the order as well as some Jedi that joined them during the war. They wear distinctive Red and black armour, equipped with lightsaber resistant cortosis gauntlets. As a further sign of loyalty and unity they all carry the same design lightsaber with a standardised shaft and silver blade. Though they dislike Jedi they hate the Sith and stayed out of the war on the Emperor's orders.

I must admit to liking the Knights. The arrogance and superior attitude of some makes them annoying, but it's better than if they just instantly became buddies with the Jedi and everyone else. Their armour is very cool, slightly reminiscant of the Royal Guards, but new and more flexible in appearance, but with a still distinctly Imperial style. I also like the fact that there is diversity among them and that the stories focus on the individuals and their actions rather than just presenting them as an order. OK, I'll now get on and profile some of the Knights who have fallen in battle.

Inactive Knights

Mohrgan Fel

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: Master
First Appearance: Legacy #8 (Allies)

Cousin to the Emperor, Mohrgan was a key figure among the Imperial Knights and a close confidant of the Emperor. He despised the Sith and was eagre to test his strength against them when he heard of the plan to assasinate Fel. He and three other Knights escorted Fel's double to the throne room. The plan was to fight free, but unfortunately Darth Krayt overcame and slew all of them. They died, but they had succeeded, the Emperor was alive and able to fight back!

Elke Vetter

Species: Human
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: Teacher and bodyguard to the princess
First Appearance: Legacy #2 (Broken, part 2)

Elke was tasked with looking after and training Princess Marasiah Fel, daughter to the Emperor. She was also training her in her force abilities and was a close friend to the heir to the throne. On a mission to Socorro they were detected and attacked. Darth Krayt sent his newly named "hand" Darth Talon to deal with them, she fought and defeated Vetter who bought enough time for the Princess's very close escape.

So that's it for now, aside from the three who fell with Mohrgan as of yet we have no more confirmed kills, but the order has taken a beating and being in exile must have only made things harder. I'll pop up again soon and let you know more about the living.

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